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magic cube color Customers Reviews


    posted by AFNEVES

    I like puzzles mostly of wood, that although the plastic is very well done and very difficult to assemble. If you have no patience with the Rubik's Cube that will leave you more crazy.If you want to be distracted for hours or days, buy
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    It is easy to assemble and disassemble if you want to pretend that you could assemble the right way and not dismantling
    no comment
  • Mf8 Megaminx

    posted by Doroteu

    Really good puzzle. If you solve the normal 3x3x3 you'll be able to solve this one, still having fun trying to convert the algoritmis. The price is good and the puzzle works quite well, you have no problem with similar collor (except in dark places).Nice toy
    One of the best ''irregular'' puzzles, in my opinion. Once it's similar to the 3x3x3, if youre used to solve that one, its nice to find the way to solve this one and then start trying making patterns... got a lot of fun in this.
    Have it! No regretments
  • A nice and big twisty pyramid!

    posted by Batavia

    The QJ pyraminx is quite big, turns very well, and feels very comfortable in your hands when you play with it. Although it is not difficult to solve, it is a very good introductory puzzle for children and other beginners. For the advanced user, you can bandage it or combine it with a second copy to create a new and more difficult puzzle.
    The puzzle produces a clicking sound when you turn it. It has a very firm and high quality feeling to it. It is a pleasure to play with this puzzle.The stickers are also of a high quality. Even after playing with the puzzle for a number of hours the stickers are still in perfectly good condition.
    The quality and the price of this puzzle are excellent. For twisty puzzle beginners, it is a classic entry into the hobby. It is strongly recommended that your start with this puzzle before moving on to more difficult challenges such as Rubik's cube.
  • Excellent Pyraminx

    posted by CaptainSumo

    Very solid QJ Pyraminx with nice movement. Got even nicer after using it a little while. Contains a ball-bearing mechanism to help guide the pieces into place with a gentle clicking movement.
    The Pyraminx is an entertaining and therapeutic puzzle. It's not as difficult as the Rubik's cube, so it won't trouble the hardened cubers for very long, but it's fun! And brightly coloured too!
    The Pyraminx to go for, unless you want to speed solve!

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