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magic cube 4x4x4 Customers Reviews

  • Excelent cube

    posted by alinepegas

    The cube rotates really smoothly, and it comes with a good lubricant. The pieces are high quality, and the stikers are good as well.It is easy to lubricate, you don't have to disassemble it in order to do so. Just open a hole between two lines and put the lubricant.
    It's a very good cube for speed cubing. I don't recommend that you disassemble it, it's very difficult to put together again. Be sure you know how to solve the 3x3x3 before trying this one.
  • Good Cube

    posted by Ogima

    Who wants to buy a 4x4 this is the best, it has style and you can move it very easly. The bild is good, the colors don't take off, and the box is good. The colors are good, the built quality is magnific, buy it whithout any problems
    great seems like a professional, you can pass silicon and still good, but you don't need to
    great thing i really like it, the quality is good!
  • Genuine SS

    posted by andreekkn

    It is a very nice 4x4x4 cube; it makes what it has to do and it has a nice price. The colors are very strong and it seems to be strong too
    This is really a cube you have to buy! It's a small price for a cube, whit which you can speedcube without any lubrication!It is important to understand that this is a nice cube, and it has a lot of uses (recreation, use the time, train your brain and memory, and other uses) and it is also important to know that he is not big
    I might buy some more of these cubes for my friends
  • Viponly

    posted by Viponly

    I am crazy about IQ cubes. I also bought 3x3x3 DAYAN cube 2 months before becouse DAYAN products are very comfortable and easy to solve. This cube is really good and i recomend it to everyone who like Brain Teasers.
    4x4x4 cube it's not that hard to solve as at the first look, becouse there are just a few new formules (if you allready know how to solve 3x3x3 cube).P.S. For those who want to know formulas, just type "4x4x4 rubic cube solve" in youtube.
    Sorry for my bad English .
  • Fantastic Shengshou 4x4x4

    posted by CaptainSumo

    This is a Shengshou 4x4x4 cube. Held in high regard by speedcubers everywhere, and now I've gotten hold of one I understand why. It's very smooth and easy to rotate straight out of the box; I've not had to lubricate or tension at all. It's way easier to rotate than my old Rubik's Revenge. A big improvement. Also cuts much better than the Revenge (although that's not difficult). Never locks up!
    Way cheaper than the V-Cube 4x4x4, or the Rubik's Revenge. The former I've never owned, but this outclasses the Rubik's in every field!
    If you want to try a 4x4x4, or you own a Revenge and you're fed up with it's stiff mechanism and peeling stickers, I would definitely go for this!

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