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magic cube 3x3x3

You'll find the best magic cube 3x3x3 for you here. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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magic cube 3x3x3 Customers Reviews

  • Nice little gift!

    posted by Yerome

    The cube works nice. It can be uses exactly as a normal size one. The size is ok for a keychain, at least if you dont use it in the pants pocket, ;-).
    Its really cheap, works nice, its fun and tiny. You can use it everywhere and it is good for your brain!
    You can buy this as a small gift to a friend/girlfriend/boyfriend. It is usefull as a keychain and to entertainment when waiting you! Or can be a personal gift to yourself also. You can have it always with you and waste time trying to solve it... but do not use to much keys on it, it will beceme to hard to use! :-)
  • Great buy, easy to handle, nicely built, good fun.... :)

    posted by nikos.kalenzis

    Very easy to use, glides smoothly, it's made of solid light plastic. offers great challenge and is very fun to play with.
    If you wan't a good cube and don't want to waste a lot of money, i strongly recommend this one to anyone. It arrived pretty fast too.. A little over 2 weeks.
    Great buy for the price, quality exceeds the expectations...
  • fair quality magic cube

    posted by amaryeh

    White plastic is smooth and has quick and easy movement without adding lubricant.Colors are molded on, so stickers cannot come free.Cheap (under $3 a cube).
    Quality good for introduction to cube use. Won't hold up for long term use.
    Quality good for introduction to cube use. Won't hold up for long term use.Ok for party favors.
  • Best buy

    posted by kergemarha

    It is a genuine Dayan cube. It is undoubtedly one of the best speed cubes. You can watch several videos performing this cube, so I don't need to mention how good it is. Felix Zemdegs made the current 3x3 world record with this cube.It not only turns fast, but it is durable. I bought this cube 10-11 months ago and I still have no problem with it.
    It comes within a purple box. I got it in excellent condition, no scratches at all.
    A genuine Dayan 5 Zhanchi cube for that price? I think it is definitely worth that money.
  • Excellent cube

    posted by stokejameshardi

    This is a DaYan Guhong, which is widely regarded as the best speedcube on the market. It cuts corners excellently, and is extremely smooth.
    The cube is fully assembled and fully stickered, which is always good.
    I would recommend buying some kind of lubricant( either lubix or maru) to reach the full potential of the cube, although it is still very fast un-lubricated
    The best speed cube on the market at an excellent price-a must buy

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