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  • does what it promised, but NOT 220v

    posted by eyalshamir

    its producing lights as promised, has several options controlled by DMX channels, and also sound activation. didn't come with instructions, so i found out the functions in about 5 minutes.
    it looks cheap (and it is...) but it's quite good, and as a DMX controlled fixture (with more than 1 channel!) its a bargain. later on i found it has a hidden speed potentiometer at the bottom, close to the front panel, inside a small hole.
    check if it's 220v compatible. other than that - it's ok. not as rugged as professional equipment, so don't handle it roughly. very good for home use, party & x-mass.
  • great for party

    posted by kualomar

    It´s small size lets you hide it behind a coach, on the top of a shelf or beside the light bulb (the one on the ceiling). It is easy to assembly, because it has just two knobs to adjust the position. The projected light can reach at least 10 mts. and looks great. Very helpful to create a great environment for parties or musical events
    It is cheap and small, perfect for reduced spaces
    It is cheap and small, perfect for reduced spaces
  • love this ball

    posted by alligatoring

    this is an excellent little puzzle, in line with rubik's cube type puzzles but a little easier and more intuitive than a rubik's cubeits very sturdy and solidly built, i never felt i had to be careful when handling it or that it was fragile in any way which was great
    no other thoughts
    definitely recommend if you're looking for a brain teaser puzzle ball
  • Great trick

    posted by paule

    Very cheap it is very very cheap!
    Tricks tons of my friends cause it is such a great trick and they think it was $10+ but It was way less then that.
    I was playing with my friend and we were bored and I remembered I had this he found out how it worked he asked where I got it from and he guessed it was $15 I showed him dealextreme he was like "OMG!"
    Why do need this 500 character limit I mean I write all the stuff about the product then it won't let me post the freaking review!
  • Better than expected

    posted by posner

    The plasma ball is incredible.It works better than I expected. It also include a USB cable so you can use it without the batteries.The bright of the plasma ball is pretty intense so you can see it even in daylight.
    It should be a nice gift. I always want one of that when I was a child, but it was too expensive here where I live.Now I grow up, and I could not found it anywhere.
    The price is very good for this type of product. The quality is excelent.It is one of the best product I bought here in DX :)

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