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macro tube Customers Reviews

  • cheap and cheerful

    posted by Morok

    * Cheap* Nice for macro* Set of 3 tubes
    If you want to try non-expensive macro - this will be your first step. Yeah, extension tubes with contacts, AF and screw are more convenient, but their price is MUCH more higher than this
    Good bargain for such price
  • Great way to save money!

    posted by ladygagagagaga

    Very light weight. Autofocus works very well, better than I expected! Has nothing useless in it.
    Work just like it should. An exellent money saver. Good quality.
    You're gonna save huge amount of money by buying this and be happy with it. If random errors won't bother you, buy it! And maybe second one too!
  • very usefull if you want to take macro pictures

    posted by Oxerdam

    - very light. made of plastic and aluminium make it prety resistant and light.- the contacts work well so you can manipulate the aperture and the focus. even that the focus is not going to work when you use to much extensions, because in general the image is goin to be blur. that is what happen when taking macro pictures.- the magnification is very impresive
    the tubes are very good and cheap, so they are perfect to start making macro photography.
    I recomend it if you want to explore the macro photography without expending too much
  • for manual lens!

    posted by HoldingINFinity

    - works just the way you'd suppose it to- makes my lens focusable from 5 cm (50 mm old praktika lens - Domiplan 50mm/f2.8)
    definitely a nice way to get into macro photography, pretty cheap too!
    For the price it has a good build quality and it's actually metal, while it looks like plastic on the photo. You just need to keep in mind that if your lenses are not completely manual, there won't be any way to set your apperture. Most lenses these days (or at least both 18-55 mm WR and the 50-200 mm ED WR are made so that the apperture is set from the body of the camera) and there are indeed no connections from the rings to this.
  • Great value, basic functionality

    posted by kiwijake

    Amazing value for money
    Nicely finished
    Include five individually machined pieces
    Mounts to camera and lens OK
    Because of the way the lens mount is designed, your lens will be permanently stopped down about half-way when it is connected to this (aperture half closed). This isn't too bad for actually taking photos, but the view through the viewfinder is quite dark and hard to focus, and often in macro work you'd want a smaller aperture to increase depth of field.
    You also need to make sure your camera body will allow you to take a photo with no lens fitted (some won't), as the camera can no longer detect the lens.
    I had an old Minolta manual focus lens (with a ring to set aperture), so bought a second set of tubes (Minolta MD type), hoping I could just screw the lens mount to this set. The diameter turned out to be slightly smaller, so they can't be directly mated, but I found I could press-fit the the MD lens mount into the smallest ring from this set. Now I get full control over aperture!
    If you want full functionality with a Sony lens, there is a much more expensive extension tube set that provides this. But for occasional use, this set will do the job OK (especially if you adapt it to accept an older lens with manual aperture control).


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