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Every single macro lens filter displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.

macro lens filter Customers Reviews

  • Must Have

    posted by Infrasignal

    You can't beat the price for this level of magnification.
    Please check the photo samples to see the degree of chromatic aberration. It is unavoidable at this range, but one trick you can use is to keep your subject near the center of the frame and crop in post. Also, avoid windy conditions and use a tripod if possible. Not sure if increasing your depth of field will help any, but another thing I did was turn on the LCD preview screen and zoom in using the camera's zoom button to ensure that what I wanted to be in focus was relatively sharp. Hand-held shots require shifting your weight forward or backward ever so slightly to keep focus. Exhale and take the shot.
    It's a fun gadget to play with and the cheapest way to get into the world of macro. You're guaranteed to see stuff you never knew existed before. Have fun.
  • Great for macros

    posted by WeylerTomaszews

    Great lens for macros... works fine on my sony a200.
    I got my delivered to Brazil but was taxed by 100% of the price.
    If you want a zoom filter to take pictures far away... forget it, its for macros. The focus range is really short, from 10cm to 50cm i think.
    Wanna shoot macros (like bugs or details of things) and dont have money for real lens? Get it.
  • Great sharpness

    posted by saido6pac

    The sharpness, it is as clear as you can find.There is no chromatic abrivation by this glass.The size of the lens filter fits exacty and firm on the 55mm lens. I also like the fact that is black, like my lens itself. Great product, really a bargain for such quality
    Perhaps there will come some more of these lenses which even go further than 10x zoom?
    Great product, it is a real bargain for such great quality. Buy it right away!
  • Decent Quality lens for its price.

    posted by RobotX20

    The diopter lens build is very solid. Look very professional.The screw of the diopter lens fit perfectly on a 77 mm lens thread without any issue.Note that this lens does not have additional thread in front of it, I believe this is due to the design of the frame that doesn’t fully secure the bulging lens.The glass itself is a true + 10 diopter close - up lens. So yeah it’s not plastic.Most lens that are capable of +10 diopter at 77mm are typically very expensive (90$+), so the price of this lens is a Big PLUS.
    For the price, get it. This is the sampe price of Canon 77mm Lens Cap.It’s hard to find 77mm +10 Diopter lens, let alone finding this kind of price anywhere else for a +10 Diopter lens. Well maybe if you go to China and dig deep. But why go through the trouble? That is why we got Deal Extreme.This lens is especially useful if you are just using it for learning Macro or just for fun.Although I wouldn’t recommend this lens for professional use, but once you know its limitation, this lens can be a neat little add-on on your camera bag. In fact its limited focus area can be used as an effect on your photograph. It all depends on what the photographer wants from the image taken.Just like any other Macro photography, be prepared to learn to hold your camera steady ;) +10 Diopter gets you really up close and personal with your subject :)I’ve upload a sample image for people who are wary of the quality of the lens. Like I said before it’s not a Great lens, but it does give decent result.One final note, the pouch that came with it seems to do a decent job of protecting the lens.
  • Nice toy!

    posted by kalbasik

    Excellent lens, does not chromatic aberration and distortion.
    Not sure about the practical applicability of the lens, but it's a wonderful toy for entertainment photographer. You can take a familiar lens unusual objects in unusual angles. Photo, I made the first one: the wedding ring on a finger of my wife, you can see it on this page. D80 camera, the lens Tamron 28-75/2,8 Macro, with this Lens Filter attachment.

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