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macbook power charger Customers Reviews

  • Works Perfect in Canada

    posted by Farseen

    This works exactly as you'd expect it. Perfect replacement for the Macbook Pro charger that my cat chewed to pieces.My roommate bought one as well, and his fully works.
    Buy it if you have a Macbook Pro 15". If you have the 13" you can get the weaker charger, which is probably cheaper as well.If you try to use the cheaper charger with the 15" it will only trickle charge it, meaning it will only keep it alive, but own't charge it's battery.
    This works exactly as you'd expect it. Perfect replacement for the Macbook Pro charger that my cat chewed to pieces.
  • Small and working 12V charger

    posted by wirrum

    Very small formfactor. Charges my macbook alumnium (not pro) just fine in the car and on the cabin where we only have a 12V solar charged system, not normal 240V. Apple doesn't make a 12V charger. But if they did it would look just like this one.
    It works great with my macbook alumnium - I haven't testet it with the more powerhungry macbook pro, but according the the specification it is 85W, which should be sufficient also for thouse. I wish they would make one for magsafe 2 also, so I can order one when I upgrade to a newer mac.
    If you need a 12V charger for magsafe, this is a great option.
  • Just perferct for MacBook Pro - NOT for MacBook Air!!

    posted by anderserlandsson

    Really good device for my MacBook Pro. I´ve got an 13" late 2011. Really good quality and the charger do what it suppose to do in the car. Long cord and the 12V plug fits perfect in the power outlet and stays there! Apple quality!
    If your are looking for a 12V charger for your MacBook Pro, I could really recommend this!
    NOT for MacBook Air!!
  • Works great

    posted by mauritscassee

    Charges great on my 2012 Retina MacBook Pro, on the System Profiler it even gives you all the details about the charger as if it were an original Apple Charger.The light in de connector changes from orange to green when the battery is fully charged, just like to the original.Fits sturdy in the cigarette socket and the magnet is a powerful as the original, even the look and feel of the connector is the same.
    I would like to see this in a 60w/85w edition as well so it charges quicker although I'm happy that is charges a MacBook that is equipped with a 85watt charger.
    This is a great charger is you are on the move and need your MacBook charged in your car.
  • It works

    posted by lalqueria

    Cheap solution for second charger. Solución barata para tener un segundo cargador
    Its same design without the apple in sides. The connector its the old white plastic design.Es el mismo diseño pero sin la manzana en los lados. El conector es el diseño viejo en plástico blanco.
    Good buy.Buena compra.

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