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macbook air adapter

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macbook air adapter Customers Reviews

  • Cheap Memory Upgrade for Macbook Air

    posted by aatifsumar

    Does exactly what its supposed to. Works like a Nifty Drive for a fraction of the cost.Easy to remove and put in. Does not stick out.Works speedily enough.
    Works as expected. Nothing more, nothing less.
    GO for it! My Air has just 128gb storage. I bought a $35 64gb microsd and this and now have 50% more storage! I can downlooad files directly to the microsd card. Can use it for iMovie files too.
  • works perfectly - usefull to read air-ssd

    posted by mutley69

    It works, it doesn't need documentation - just plain no nonsense. All screws needed are included. No problems at all reading out the ssd of the firs gen macbook air (japanese version?).The SSD fits perfectly into the proprietary connector no way you can put it in the wrong way. It's best to use one screw to fix the ssd at the other side (of the sata-connector).No tools are needed to use this converter.
    it just works.Put in the SSD - place the screw to fix the ssd - just plug it in at the external sata-device (or attach it to the sata port + power supply) - it just works.
    Well made - and very easy to use if you know how to handle sata-devices.
  • Good but misleading!!!

    posted by skocko76

    -nice packaging-works with DVI-works with display port
    It may so happen that I received a faulty device. If so, a fully functional device may transmit analog signal after all.I will post photos of DVI-I and DVI-D so you can see the difference.
    Get it if you absolutely have no need for analog signal (VGA monitor or projector). Considering the price of the device, I'd look elsewhere.
  • Good replacement cable of the original one

    posted by TazzMester

    I had the US cable in EU, so I used the adapter without an extension cable. I bought one to get some extra distance from the plugs (:)). Fits very well into the adapter. Its color is white, matches with the adapter, its material does not look cheap. The plug itself seems to be durable, I do not expect it to be broken and does not have "fitting issues".
    I can use it with the charger of my iPAD 3 as it has the same housing.
    Good deal: good price and quality.

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