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macbook 13 Customers Reviews

  • Easy to use and good quality

    posted by GeCeD

    It looks of good quality and it is exactly as shown in the picture. It comes with instructions about how to use it and with another sticker that helps a lot to apply it correctly. It also gives a card to make sure is properly glued. It doesn't leave glue marks.If you are looking for it, it is a really good choice!
    It is kind of hard to apply even though all the instructions. You have to be really careful with bubbles. However, IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF THIS ITEM, IT WOULD HAPPEN WITH ANY PLASTIC STICKER. Actually have seen other that doesn't give you the second plastic to help you use it.
    It is an easy to use and looks of good quality. It firmly sticky on the surface and look great!
  • Protection for the most used area

    posted by kelvinxu

    The Quality and the color really good. It matches the color of the unibody. Feels like does not use any protector. The texture feeling is also good. Responsive is just like the original without protector. It seems that this will last for a long time.
    Great protection for your macbook palm rest and mouse tracking. Last time I use macbook without the mouse track protector, sign of wear is obviously visible.
    Buy for your sweetness of your macbook! =)
  • Good!

    posted by xmuvox

    This item arrived very quickly and was much thinner than expected (the picture makes it look at least twice as thick). the ad also called it polyurethane but the package says silicone and it feels like silicone.Make sure the keyboard area is clean and dust free and the cover will automatically adhere to it like saran wrap.
    overall. its a great product!
    I will definitely get another one when/if needed!
  • Great for the price

    posted by Squiggy

    -Fits wellPerfect fit, and stays on without any problems-Protects from spillscomplete coverage and protection from drinks-Looks good
    You kind of have to learn to type better because if you don't hit the key in the centre it's difficult to press it down. You decide if that is a pro or a con
    I like it. I haven't taken it off since I go it because it looks good - something to make my mac different from every other identical mac, and it protects very well. Plus at 4.10 you can't go wrong. The only real problem is the keyboard illumination is useless now.
  • Great as a gift for family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    posted by keeg34

    Simple application of the vinyl sticker. The instructions were easy to follow. It came with a neat card to put the vinyl on the computer. It's a classy was personalise your macbook / macbook pro. It looks really cool when the apple sign is lit up!
    Bought it for my mother and she loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Buy it! Good quality to price ratio and easy to apply. There are other stickmen style ones on dx aswell, so check them all out!!

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