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m4a1 gun Customers Reviews

  • Odd mount configuration for those unique projects

    posted by Workinn

    Well builtQuality materialsQuality coloringGood priceDoesn't need tools to use
    This is an odd type of mount, that will not be useful to everyone, but fills a niche needed by some.Despite how mangled the package came in the mail the rail mount showed no sign of damage/bending. I am taking this as a sign that it is a quality and durable product.
    Was a good fit for my project, and would buy again for similar ones.
  • Great Item

    posted by jeffreymichael

    Easy to installIt looks very solid.Increases accurasy dramatically and FPS slightly.By far the best price I have seen in the market.
    As promised, it was delivered in exactly three weeks to my house.It took me about half an hour to install and that was my first time dissasemblying my AEG.
    I would highly recomend this item.This item will help anyone looking to improve accuracy. This and good quality hop up rubber buckings make a lot of difference in an AEG. Its very easy to install and has a great price. By far the best inner barrel on the market.
  • Good to have.

    posted by gabipapa

    - Helps you cary your gun confortably around.- It gives you a good grip of your gun.- Nice camouflage paint on it - It is really easy to instal or remove. - It does not wobble.- Nice to have on your gun.- It is light (it matter when you customize your gun and things add up)
    Good to have. Helps you a bit when you run around the filed.Also improves your acuracy (if you have a gun with a decent recoil) and want to hold the gun by the mag when you shoot (but i don't recomand you to do that :)

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