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m42 adapter Customers Reviews

  • quite a revelation

    posted by mirkash

    I was quite delighted to find this product and to try to use my old lenses ( mimoya 135mm, helios 45m ) with my nikon d5100. quality is good, it fits well on lens and it is easily mounted on camera
    I think it should a beat cheaper cause you need one adapter for every lens you have.
    Product worth buying though it should cheaper
  • Excellent adapter for great price

    posted by zak982

    Excellent built quality adapter looks sturdy and very durable , powder coated housing . This adapter is enabling me to use vintage m42 lenses on my OLY OM-D EM-5 . It works great .
    Finally I am able to use my old m42 lenses with my new camera . I am having lots of fun with them .
    If you are have old m42 lenses or you want to buy quality optics for less money you should consider buying this adapter since there are a lot of good m42 lenses for great price and with this adapter you can finally enjoy them on you u4/3 system
  • Ok, could be better...

    posted by Gruximillian

    It is well made and it fits the lenses and the camera well (Nikon D5000).
    If you are into shooting portraits, close-ups or something not far away from you than you should buy this one, otherwise I recommend trying adapter that is slimmer or, even better, one with the lens.
    Ok, could be better...
  • Works fine on nikon D90

    posted by GlowDog

    - Its not really expensive considering the fact that its not just an adapter but also has a corrective lens.- no screws on the nikon side that could prevent taking the adapter off your body. - sturdy metal alloy- corrective lens for infinity focus works as expected
    I am using it with an old Vivitar Tele 1:6.3 f=500mm with M42/1 on a nikon D90. I can focus to infinity with it (thats what you need the corrective lens for on nikon!)
    Great buy, now I can buy and use some on those really nice old M42 lenses on my nikon DSLR :)Also keep in mind that this is for praktica M42/1mm , NOT for the diferent M42 with the 0.75mm wire.
  • Very good for macro or non infinity focus

    posted by BBrzz

    - Very cheap- Build from aluminum- M42 lenses fit's OK- Very good for macro photography- It is easy to use and well made
    My M42 screw lenses fit the adapter's threads just fine.I have a lot of M42 lenses with fast aperture and all work very fine in manual mode.
    Very useful if you own old M42 lenses.You need some skills to measure the exposure time so it can match the aperture and also keep in mind that you need to manually focus.You can see a photo taken with a 50mm f2.8 M42 lens here:http://triaxon.ro/wp/2013/03/12/where-the-wild-roses-grow/

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