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m4 grip Customers Reviews

  • Does what it's supposed to do

    posted by Ronald667

    Lightweight, spring loaded bipod with a big, easy to operate button. Stabile enough to support a real AR15 while shooting. Used as a forward grip, it's sturdy enough as well.
    I might get more, for other rifles and spare. Maybe in different colours.
    Affordable forward grip with bipod, which you can securely screw fit to a rail. It might break down if you drop yourself with your rifle on a concrete floor, but in norrmal circumstances you'll be fine with it.
  • Same usefulness in another color

    posted by Ronald667

    Looks great, feels great, works like a charm. Supports your rifle even when you're playing rough and doubles as a very decent forward grip. The rail screw keeps it tight, too.
    Should come in pink ;) And a metal version would be interesting as well.
    Buy one. Buy one extra, just in case. I love these grip bipods, they're easy to use and take up little rail space.
  • Folding MP7 style airsoft grip

    posted by ant3jacko

    Comes in a AEG manufacturer branded packagePrice is greatFolding action/lock works a treat. Very fast to use
    If the side to side play was reduced and the mount bolt moved more central, this would be amazing.As always delivery time was good. 10 days from ordering to door.
    For the money, like everything else on dx, you will not get better. It does the job, looks the part. At the end of the day its for airsoft. If you want real steel prices, you pay a premium.
  • OK, but!!!!!

    posted by fusil56300

    It looks to be well made, the plastic at least.I like the flat sided design, feels great in the hand.Will look great on my M&P 15-22.....SEE BELOW : (
    Yes its OK but the other type I bought is sooooooo much better quality.
    Once I fix it, I'll be happy.It'll do the job and its only for a 22lr so it aint gonna take a beating.
  • Good to have.

    posted by gabipapa

    - Helps you cary your gun confortably around.- It gives you a good grip of your gun.- Nice camouflage paint on it - It is really easy to instal or remove. - It does not wobble.- Nice to have on your gun.- It is light (it matter when you customize your gun and things add up)
    Good to have. Helps you a bit when you run around the filed.Also improves your acuracy (if you have a gun with a decent recoil) and want to hold the gun by the mag when you shoot (but i don't recomand you to do that :)

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