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  • More I Use It More I Love It

    posted by Rasbazz

    It's compactVery brightKeeps together in throw focusHas a pleasing spread patternVery good run timeIt looks GreatThe finish is very sturdy
    The focus is easy to adjust with one handand the action is smooth and precise
    It's a very good flashlight that will come in handy for many situations if you buy onebetter if you buy two and give one as a gift to a flashlightless friend or buy three and give as gifts to two flashlightless friends or four and give to three flashlightless friends
  • Good bright light for the price

    posted by rshardie

    Pretty bright. Turns on and off pretty easy. Used it the other morning while hunting and setting out decoys. It worked well. Has adjustable focus. When you focus the light to more of a spot light, it is very bright and focused beam of light. We actually used it to guide the boat through the water as we didn't have a big spot light.
    The listing online says it's 310 lumen. The box when I received actually says 160 lumen so the website listing needs to be adjusted.
    For the $$$, it's a good headlamp. Much brighter than what you would get for your money in the big retail stores. I'm happy with it. I actually got 3 of them total. My buddies I gave them to are pretty happy with them as well.
  • Cheep cheap cheap

    posted by sukica

    For me very good zoom operation, small (fits into pocket easy). Normal price. Very good for walking the dog in the night. You are not afraid to use it becouse it it cheap.
    Nice present for people who likes flashlight or people who need it.
    Buy one if you need a flashlight that you will use. If you are a flashlight maniac you will be probaly dissapointed.
  • Cheapest zoom 18650 powered head light

    posted by acha86

    -price-zoom-powered by two types of batteries: 18650 and 3xAAA(adapter included)-bright light-two useful modes: bright and dim light
    the default tilt of the light is little bit to the top, so you have to lean it forward, and then it wobbles on led hinge- wide beam could be wider
    if it would not fail or fell out of order, I will think about of second one - wide beam could be wider
  • A quality product.

    posted by FiDmVl

    Comfortable, very bright, beautiful, wet weather he was not afraid, impeccable quality, very easy to use. Can change the angle that we had very useful in the repair of the vehicle. Rubber cover on the back of the head in the head rests. Sits perfectly. Just great balance. Not all of the weight in the front, but just neatly distributed!Nothing nowhere presses.
    Flashlight is convenient because it does not need to hold in your hand (he wears on his head.) He is very easy to repair the wiring, car, etc., also an assistant for fishing and nature at night and even the rain it is not terrible.
    A quality product.

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