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  • Combines very well with no filament lamps

    posted by brunosalem

    Bright enough. Combines very well with xenon and other no filament lamps.
    Very easy to install. It is worth comparing with filament lamps and gives a different look to the car.
    - Save your battery
    - Easy to install.
    - Combines with no filament lamps (white lamps) from 6000k to 8000k.
    - Fits with all car models.
    These leds have enough bright once is a good quality led that gives you 75 lumens but the project coul improve. It would be better if it had more lumens.
    In general I consider a very good deal. You do not find easily a good quality led like this for this price.
  • Awesome!

    posted by ricogb

    *Nice luminosity*Nice price*Different stylish for your car*Bom preço*Boa iluminação*Visual diferente dentro do seu carro
    This is awesome. It has great price and is very well built.I use this only in my ceiling light and haven't tested in other places but it is very nice.
    They could sell it in white color. This is a little blue.Use it in my FIAT 500 but i have tested in a Fiat UNO and a Fiat Doblo. I'll buy more to use in my family's cars.
  • Works as expected

    posted by realbriguy

    For the price, you can't go wrong with these if you need a red LED. Bright, low power draw, and a decent spread. I have these mounted in rear parking lights. They're about as bright as the original incandescent bulbs.
    Good for the money, works as it should. Bright, low power consumption, deep red colour. Would definitely consider buying again.
  • excellent inexpensive lamp

    posted by iTake

    - Inexpensive (major pro)- Warm color, very close to halogens- Does not get too hot (measured 40C after 30 minutes of operation)- Has CE/RoHS marks on the box.
    I have replaced 20W halogen with this one and noticed absolutely no difference in output nor light color. I've added thermal compound between the led board and the heatsink as i did with my other led lamps from DX. I think they will last much longer this way. I takes 5 minutes to do so.
    Excellent lamp for it's price. Maybe a little bit greenish, but if you'll be using it with other lamps you will not notice any difference!
  • Warm light without being yellow

    posted by peecee123

    Light of approximately 3300 Kelvin. Even with a power consumption of 48W max it is a powerful light source.Price is nearly half the price of the same product in Denmark.
    The silicon/plastic layer was broken on my LED strip in the joint between the two rolls. I got a 5$ credit, but still. The joint is very fragile and I don't think that i am the only one with this problem.
    Great for indoor/outdoor lighting projects. I don't think that is can stand endless amount of water, but it is sufficient to withstand a humid environment.

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