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lumen led car t10

It's very convenient for you to find the lumen led car t10 you want at our online shop. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. led car t10 red or car led t10 white may offer more options for you. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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lumen led car t10 Customers Reviews

  • Very Bright and good quality

    posted by manhtu

    Good quality product, very bright, and easy to use.
    I had purchased some LED light bulbs in a retail store before to replace the OEM ones i had in the car. I decided to do the same thing for my girlfriend's car so i ordered them from here. When i received the order, they were 10 times better than the ones i had purchased in store. The quality and brightness of these bulbs completely surpassed the ones I had. I ended up ordering a few more to replace all the light bulbs in my car.
    For the price and the quality of these bulbs, i'd have to say that this is simply just the best deal out there. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone.
  • T10 2W 6500K...

    posted by MrReese

    These lights are great, I believe I have purchased about 5 of these just for me and some friends.
    Light output is great, as most LED's do great at this.
    Color is a nice white to whitish blue color.
    If you have dim yellow parking lights, I would definitely recommend you just buy these, these are definitely worth it.
    I have recommended them to my friends and now I will recommend to you.
    Don't think just buy these. It will be worth your money.
  • Did not work in car dash

    posted by Harblmancer

    PriceLight output and shade of red
    Ended up installing them in sidemarkers in which they work fine. Had to put my old halogen bulbs back in the gauge cluster.
    Pretty good for the price, but might not work depending where you install them in your car.Mine came as the "Sencart" brand, I'm using about a dozen of their white LED T10s elsewhere and most work flawless, some of those flicker as well but so rarely it doesn't bother me.
  • Very bright

    posted by OhhWell

    This panel is quite bright and also as an unexpected bonus, not as directional as I feared. What that means is that the light isn't all concentrated in one direction like a tight flashlight beam. Obviously, it is not as wide as an incandescent bulb but it's not too bad. The adhesive tape is 3M branded.
    I used this to replace the amber exterior light on our travel trailer. We leave the light on at night for safety when camping and sometimes are off the power grid. The incandescent bulbs in an RV are typically about 13 watts so this panel doesn't give me a huge power savings based on its 10watt rating but it is quite bright. Also, it is so white, it somewhat overpowers the amber casing and attracts bugs. I have to decide if I want the greater illumination and small power savings or switch to a smaller panel with less battery drain.
    This is a very good and bright LED panel with connectors that should fit just about any light receptacle within its target usage. The price is great for this many elements.
  • Blue LED Lights for cars or Motorcycle

    posted by maucool

    Easy to find the correct socket.Iluminates very well.Very easy to install even if you need to change sockets.You get your ride to be recognised from far behind
    You should suggest to buy also the socket for the light bulbI want white leds, or maybe ligth blue ones...They wont get hot, so you can use them near plastic materials, in my case one of the bulbs has plastic cover and it used to melt with ordinary bulbs
    Not for use as primary ligth bulbs.I used them in my motorcycle, as I'll go last in our monthly road trip is easy for the first one to see if there is any problem in the line if i get lost.

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