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  • Good strap for travelling

    posted by Fotophilic

    This is a practical strap for travel use to secure ur luggage. Length is 2m so it should fit almost all types of luggage with no problems. Comes with a card slot for writing name cards which is useful. This strap helps label my luggage also, so that i wont pick up the wrong one on the belt. Adjustable to fit all sizes.
    If it breaks just get a new one.
    If you need one, just buy it. There is not too much bad things to say about it. Just buy 2 if u are afraid it will break.
  • Cool gadget.

    posted by Mastee

    It's a cool tag to have on your baggage. Not only does it keep people form confusing your bag with their own bag when on the baggage claim, it is also funny and will create some laughs.It is sturdy and looks as if it will last a long time.
    I needed a baggage tag, and this one is funny and cheap, so there are no regrets.
    If you need a luggage tag, get this. There are also other cool versions on here, maybe I would find one with a nicer color if I were to choose again.
  • Awesome and cool

    posted by TheRealMaiMai

    If you travel a lot you know sometimes there´s more than one luggage that looks a lot to another one. This is a really cool tag for you to be able to identify which one is yours and also let know people that it isn´t theirs. I´ll buy more than one for giftI love it. I recommend really cool gift for someone that travels.
    I recommend really cool gift for someone that travels.
    I´ll buy more than one for gift
  • The fun with travel suit case for a little price

    posted by theduk

    it have a good build quality ; writen in english and french ; it is quite big ; i'm fully saitisfy
    so good that i have ordered an other one (the green one ) for my fiancée :p
    in france ; when we tooks train ; we must put our name and tel on baggages ; this is funnier than the paper one we can get at train station and it's a way to "pimp" our suitcase :p
  • Exactly what I want

    posted by Philbzh

    The luggage tag is in a good made. I had another like it and it's practical when you travel a lot to pick up your luggage easily.With this ID Tag, you can't miss your luggage at the airport when you are waiting for it.The ID Tag have a piece of paper to write your name, address and telephone number. The size of the ID Tag is perfect to insert a business card if you don't want to write your informations.
    I recommend it for your luggage.

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