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  • You get what you pay for

    posted by Mink94

    Cheap, does not cost muchLots of varianse in the picks, got every pick a beginner need.The quality is good, I like the handles and the metal seems strong enough to pick lots of locks.I've opened 12 locks today so I am satisfied with the tool kit.
    No not really.
    You get what you pay, its a good start-kit for people who want to start lockpicking.
  • Great tool for great price

    posted by AccessLock

    Tidy unit with plenty of battery life, can work really fast and easy and has gotten me out of plenty of sticky situations in apartment buildings and old places with 201 cyls.
    Case could be custom foam fitted to prevent tool banging around.Could have the option to order replacement picks (I like the toothed one).
    Good price and the tool is great for upside down cyls, LW201 cyls and lever handles.
  • exellent item!

    posted by peluzon

    - The product is of very good quality. - Very easy to use. - Handy for when your baby starts to open all the drawers in the house. - very low price.
    - The flexible band makes it able to be adapted to any furniture. - It can also be twisted and also doing it job. - I already bought several more for the house because I have lots of drawers and my daughter is unstoppable xD
    - Its a very good product. - Very easy to use. - very low price. - very Nice desing.
  • Nice

    posted by ChaotiCc

    -Good build quality
    -For free shipping from Hong Kong, it ships pretty fast.
    -Nice lock picking set for beginners, I really recommend it.
    -Maybe you should remove the 500 characters limit because this makes me writing like lots of stuff about this stupid 500 character limit. If you removed it, my review would me more pleasant to read, but that’s not the case since it is there. And here I go again because I still haven’t reached this damn character limit. What’s the point of that limit? It’s just useful to make people complain about it.
    Buy this, it's cheap and nice.
  • Great tool set for a decent price

    posted by viktor0980

    The pick set looks great. The quality exceeded my expectations. All pieces are made from metal - steel with aluminum alloy handles. They all look very sturdy and well built. If you need these for work, they will make your life easier.
    As with everything these days - could be cheaper. The picks look like they can be changed if necessary. I don't know where to find replacements though. The set comes with a handy case that keeps all pieces in place.
    I'm really happy about the pick set. A great product if you use picks often. It will last for a long time.

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