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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase lock pieces here and you can save money at the same time. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

lock pieces Customers Reviews

  • Excelent value for money

    posted by daveh2k5

    Superb set of picks you get exactly what you see in the picture plenty of hooks varying in thickness and length, dimple rakes a couple of snake rakes and a good selection of automobile picks also the set comes with a snowman pick and a double half diamond and plenty of wrenches.
    The picks are pretty good quality for the price and the handles are great. They are very snug and easy to handle.
    the best for its money on the market 100% recommend
  • I enjoyed it

    posted by marcelodcorrea

    It has a good price and a good quality. I enjoyed this item. Perfect for intellectual exercises and practices. Makes you practice logic problems and spent a lot of time in its solution!!!!
    It is good for playing with kids. The product is made of wood and it is well finished. Really amazing!!!Evereything ok about delivery.
    I don´t identify a bottomline for this item.
  • Great tool for great price

    posted by AccessLock

    Tidy unit with plenty of battery life, can work really fast and easy and has gotten me out of plenty of sticky situations in apartment buildings and old places with 201 cyls.
    Case could be custom foam fitted to prevent tool banging around.Could have the option to order replacement picks (I like the toothed one).
    Good price and the tool is great for upside down cyls, LW201 cyls and lever handles.
  • These picks are perfect for all skill levels

    posted by silencedogood8

    Easy to use, perfect little case, all the main picks, perfect for beginners or pros, worked in seconds, nice feel, nice balance, nice color, pretty fast shipping considering the distance.
    If you've been stareing at different picks, and you can't decide, buy these.
    Buy them! I did and I'm extremely glad I did.
  • Works but not 'child safe' without mods

    posted by cragv

    Works as advertised; plastic plugs snugly into Australian wall outlets and the 'key' is sturdy enough that it won't snap without significant abuse (eg. bending it whilst extracting a plug from the socket).
    The discs are easily removed without the use of tools from the body of the plug (which is great for you if you're going to buy and use this, but terrible for your toddler if you buy and don't remove them first, because if you don't remove them, your toddler just might!!).
    As long as you remove the useless plastic disc from the plug body, this product works safely as advertised. Price is comparable to locally-available equivalents, so buying from DX in this case only makes sense if you haven't got access to cheap local stores (ie. non-city dweller in Australia).

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