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lock picking Customers Reviews

  • Great tool for great price

    posted by AccessLock

    Tidy unit with plenty of battery life, can work really fast and easy and has gotten me out of plenty of sticky situations in apartment buildings and old places with 201 cyls.
    Case could be custom foam fitted to prevent tool banging around.Could have the option to order replacement picks (I like the toothed one).
    Good price and the tool is great for upside down cyls, LW201 cyls and lever handles.
  • Nice tool

    posted by fornax

    - Build quality is quite good, nearly all the important parts are made of metal.
    - additional spare part (pick holder+screws) included
    - battery capacity is enough for a lot of locks
    - you can adjust the strength
    - overall: works good, a skilled user should be able to open most locks in less than 10s
    I really would appreciate if DX would offer replacement parts, especially the picks.
    Dont expect this thing to be some kind of magic lock opener.
    I was quite good at picking locks manually and with bump keys before, but I must admit it took some time before I could use this gun.
    You should also get a dedicated lock rather than practicing with your front door, electronic pick guns will always leave a lot of traces or might even damage the lock.
  • Great for beginners!

    posted by QvasiModo

    * The cheapest there is! Best price/value ratio.
    * Great for beginners, it contains the most common lock picks.
    * Being so cheap you know it's not a big deal if you accidentally break a pick while learning.
    Recommended, especially if you're just beginning in this hobby and you need something to try out what you learned on the Internet. You'll want to move on to a better set later on, but it still pays off.
  • Does the job

    posted by CnopsJ

    + Nice price. Some products with the same usage are way more expensive.+ Does the job. You might need some practice
    No guidebook, but the internet (youtube) is filled with nice 'how to' video's. After a while you know how to use the product.
    the price matches the quality. Good for beginners. It does the job. After a while you will know how to use it.
  • Great beginners set

    posted by blackmh

    Good versatile and cheap set for every beginner. Picks are pretty thin and useful on euro locks with tighter keyways and small padlocks. Rakes are bonus, I was able to open cellar lock on the first try with bogota.
    Better tension tools could be included so someone who has no picking tools could start right away. I had to sand down one of the included tension wrenches just to be usable.
    If you're beginner, it's a no brainer, go for it.

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