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lock pick set

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lock pick set Customers Reviews

  • Large tension wrench

    posted by Eckankar

    * Has the most common types of picks in a decent quality.* The picks seem to be decently made.* Comes in a plastic holder, which seems durable enough.
    Could'a used a smaller tension wrench in addition to the one provided.Apart from that, it seems reasonable.
    Useful set of picks, but you might want to get another tension wrench somewhere else.Apart from that, it seems reasonable.
  • Stainless Steel Hook Lock Pick Set

    posted by hankobeliq

    Nice picks,good quality,small size and very comfortable,kind of strong picks,they come with the bag on the photo,actually it comes with 3 wrenches,you have enough picks for the most common locks,they look fantastic.
    It's a good set,but don't expect to become part of the ocean's eleven with it (if you know what i mean).It's more for hobby.I recomend it.These are good quality picks!
    I recomend it.These are good quality picks!
  • Great tool set for a decent price

    posted by viktor0980

    The pick set looks great. The quality exceeded my expectations. All pieces are made from metal - steel with aluminum alloy handles. They all look very sturdy and well built. If you need these for work, they will make your life easier.
    As with everything these days - could be cheaper. The picks look like they can be changed if necessary. I don't know where to find replacements though. The set comes with a handy case that keeps all pieces in place.
    I'm really happy about the pick set. A great product if you use picks often. It will last for a long time.
  • Unexpectedly accurate and qualitative thing! ! !

    posted by GLUSHCHENKO

    Unexpectedly accurate and qualitative thing! ! !Very compact and qualitatively made tool!Existence of a tensor and complete set of master keys for "English" locks it is simply magnificent!Actually in reality the product is even more compact and accurater than in the photo.
    I will buy some more copies as a gift to friends.Despite slightly tall price.Very qualitative thing!
  • Great bang for the buck

    posted by hurt138

    Have had this set for a few months now and am very happy with it thus far.
    Can't really beat the price of this set. So many picks in the kit, but you can take a bunch out and make a nice set.
    Great if your looking for a cheap set to learn with.

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