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lithium polymer battery

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lithium polymer battery Customers Reviews

  • Very good

    posted by Zhooibaal

    - Large
    - All my lipos fit in at the same time. All 8 of them being 3S airplane lipos and 2S hardcase car lipos.
    - Feels well made
    - Charging cables go in nicely.
    When keeping safety in mind with the usage of lipos batteries this is a must have accessory. Damaged lipo cells easily catch on fire and overcharging may also cause significant problems. The bag prevents damage to the surroundings of the battery pack and you can let it cool off if something goes wrong and then get rid of it in a safe manner.
    A must have for anyone who uses lipo batteries and wants to be safe while doing so.
  • Great battery for a great price.

    posted by SandersT

    Flew these for months now, 50+ flights on the batteries, and they are still going.
    They perform better than the stock batteries and are lighter.
    Price. These are simply the lowest priced 7.4v 900mah li-po batteries that you can buy.
    Great extra battery for a Lama V4. Buy 2 or 3 of them so you don't have to wait an hour and a half for your stock one to charge.
  • Perfect

    posted by Maxpako

    Perfect fitment, it's just like the original battery.
    Great battery duration.
    Comes with the adhesive at the back of the battery, like the original one.
    Wasn't needed soldering or fit the old battery ribbon as mentioned above.
    Comes with 50~60% of battery charge.
    Just take the battery out of the plastic, and with your iPhone opened without the old battery, place the on the in the iPhone, close it and start it up like new!
    It's the best replacement for your "old" iPhone 3G, for that cheap price and the pros it has, it's the best.
  • Nice quality for the money.

    posted by colajunk

    I bought this lipo battery for extra power and flytime in my Honey Bee king 2, it fits perfectly in the batteryholder.
    In comparison to the original E-Sky lipo battery 11,1V 1000mAh 10C, this Mystery lipo 11,1V 1200mAh 20C does give you just that extra power when you need it.
    I would recommend this lipo battery for those who do not need longer flightime, but who do need some extra power during a flight for a 350 type helikopter (6CH) as for example the Honey Bee king 2.
  • Worked great while hiking

    posted by coronasensei

    The power switch is a good thing to ensure no power is wasted when not in use.Good power output on 12V and 5V tested, I haven't used the 9V output.Individual cells inside do have protection circuitry on them so should be safe to run flat etc.
    I opened it up, had three unmarked cells inside so can't confirm capacity.The unit requires the power switch to be on to charge, green light on charger is lit while charging, goes out when finished.I often had the mains charger for this plugged in and on while also charging my phone off usb output, this worked fine however the phone's touchscreen was very glitchy and unstable, so the mains charger for this makes a lot of electrical noise.
    Great unit for the price. I used it to keep camera battery and phone topped up while on a 2 week hike in Nepal and it worked really well.

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