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You'll find the best lithium charger for you here. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

lithium charger Customers Reviews

  • looks like a toy

    posted by mlksa

    It's compact and lightweight. It's cheap, however it isn't far better than a $2 noname 220-to-USB charger you easily find here at DX.
    Build quality is good, PCB is soldered accurately, plastic looks good.
    Description says there is auto-polarity detection, and it seems to work, however the PCB is signed with + and - marks, which mean polarity matters. I can't find a datasheet for controller IC used in this charger.
    When you connect the battery, and disconnect mains plug (or there is a power fault) you see anyway one red LED indicating the battery connected. I think it would discharge the battery after time.
    Well it works, it's cheap, however it doesn't what you expected from such a promising LED display.
  • Very nice Price for this usefull Product and handy with the diverent output

    posted by BrigittevT

    The Price for this external battery is verry good onley a new battery is expencifer so now i do not have to buy a extra battery and can use it for any other divice
    Maybey a led indicator for in the dark
    Very happy with this battery no more empty phonedont have to buy a extra battery and handy for all other device's such as my Cam 9 volts and power 12 volt to load severall other items
  • too small for galaxy s4 !

    posted by BeeOne

    nice build, can charge most of cell phone battery with it's moving charging pins
    the charging pins doesn't stay in place, so you have to replace them each time you plug your battery in the charger.
    This is a good product if you own a cell phone with a normal sized battery, but if you have a galaxy s4, forget it, this product is not for you.
  • excellent Solid charger

    posted by xub100

    It works,that is, the most important aspect,It cuts out after reaching 4.2v,I checked the battery with a multimeter and It did it's job flawlessly.
    If you want a lithium Charger for 10440/14500/17670/18500/18650 Batteries then this will do the job quite well
    I have over the last few months, bought many small articles from DX, and have not found any problems with deliveries, they have been within days of any other Hong Kong seller, good luck with your purchase
  • Does what it needs to, perfectly

    posted by krimsonidol

    Clearly labeled: IN+ and IN- for power input, BAT+ and BAT- for the proper lipoly-friendly output to go to your battery (and to the device you plan to charge; if power isn't attached to the IN's, then the connected device will get its juice from the battery as both are connected together via BAT outputs).Also has USB input to get power from USB insteaad of the INs if you wantSmall and cheap, surprisingly well constructed (I got a couple and all work great)Indicator lights for charging status of the battery
    I've seen what looks like this exact board in several places, but you can't beat this price. Worth waiting for, especially with the free shipping.
    I don't see any reason to buy a different charging board or to buy from a different source. Very pleasantly surprised.


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