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lithium cell battery

Every single lithium cell battery displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Customers who purchased lithium cell battery also viewed sony lithium battery, samsung lithium battery. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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lithium cell battery Customers Reviews

  • Well worth the cost

    posted by maddog48

    Great little tester for lipo batteries. Small and easy to pack away in field box.It shows voltage in each cell (for 3 cells), and total voltage as well.Has clear heat shrink encasing tester.
    This is so much easier to use versus using your multi-meter to test voltages, or getting your probes onto those small terminals on balance jack.
    Buy one or two, well worth the $$.
  • It worths the price

    posted by 4EsT01

    CR2450 3V Lithium Cell Button Battery worths the price.The price is very reasonable and affordable.10 pieces in one package.
    They have got the capacity.The button cells have standard size.You can't go wrong with this one.
    It worths the price.If you need for some watch or calculator this should be your pick. I've got no idea how long it will take to get flat, but it works like a charm currently. I've owned it for months now and still works without a problem. I recommend it.
  • Of quality similar to most service locations

    posted by bilious

    The batteries are cheap - and much cheaper than 'premium' purchases.The batteries last about the same length of 'premium' batteries.The packaging is sturdy, and easy to split the cells into individual cards.
    It may be that there is a measurable difference between cheap cell batteries and 'premium' ones, though the applications I have for these are so low intensity that any quality difference is unnoticeable.
    If you use batteries of this type, stock up.
  • Cheap button battery pack

    posted by leoplasenzotti

    Well, these are button batteries, so there is not too much to say about them. But, and nobody can deny it, it is to remark the low price of this pack of batteries (ten batterias fon only 2.10 U$S!). The batteries work correctly, are properly packed. If you have som electronic device that works with this specific battery (CR2016), it´s more convenient to have a pack of cheap batteries at home than going running to a shop (specific shop, not everywhere they sell these batteries) to buy them at a higher price...
    Most electronic devices that use these batteries, use two or three of them. This makes even more useful a pack containing ten of them.
    You´ll use them, just find a proper way to discard them when their charge is over whithout contaminating the planet.
  • Great product

    posted by jarren84

    Do what it meant to, the make is good plastic...not easily damage...
    maybe can come in more colors so as to match the interior of our cars..a simple LED indicator will be much better so as to let the user knows that the battery is fully charged so as to prevent over charging of any battery.
    Just buy one and try and u will see what i am trying to say. Its really paying peanuts and getting gold nuggets in return...

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