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lithium battery cell pack

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lithium battery cell pack Customers Reviews

  • Batteries

    posted by mkrakstad

    You get five batteries for the price of one. Also the batteries have a good charge. They just kept on going and going. And are in fact still lasting. I go through quite a lot of these batteries during a month, so it's good to know that I can replace them so cheap.
    A good deal. Why buy one, when you can't get five for the same price... And that's only if you go for the cheapest batteries.
    Buy it, you won't regret it.
  • Great Price!

    posted by Josuezs

    The price is great for the amount of batteries (five) and is very easy to open them of package. The quality is the best. You can use that in many things, like Mother Boards, Clocks, Bathroom Scales, etc.
    The quality is very good, and the package where they come, lets me save them properly. This 2032 type of batteries is the best amoung them.
    Although 5 batteries are a large amount if you need a few batteries, but you will have batteries for a long time. I recomended for all buyers!
  • Works well

    posted by Toadmussen

    Works, cheap. Come in a blue package. They are batteries. There are five in a package. Much cheaper than buying elsewhere.
    Work fine. They are batteries. They come in a packet of five. They come in a blue packet. There is no need to worry, order them, then wait for them, and then put them into whatever you want, and then you will have battery power. Hooray. It is a packet of five so it should last for a while. I put it into a car key remote, it works fine. You just need to make sure the battery is the correct size and voltage, as there are a few of these type of batteries that all look similar.
    They work well, they are cheap. Go ahead, buy them. They are good. They are fine.
  • Pilas para alarmas X28

    posted by dganibal

    Es la mejor relacion calidad precio que vi en internet. En argentina cada pila sale alrededor de 20 pesos. O sea, por lo que aca compro 10 pilas en argentina se compra una sola. Funcionan perfectamente en terminales/sensores inalambricos para alarmas X28. Calculo que tambien pueden servir para otro tipos de dispositivos pero aun no los he probado en calculadoras, etc.
    Reemplazan perfectamente a las pilas suizas RENATA que se venden en buenos aires, argentina.
    excelente para el recambio semestral de pilas en todos los sensores de la casa. Con la compra de este blister ahorre $180 a la hora del recambio.
  • perfect product

    posted by zavadsky

    Durably, cheap, good quality, lees price that in my country, thank you dx you work fine. The product is like the photo, my watch work fine with them, i love it
    Great product, cheap, durable, less than in a shop in my country, wonderfull, It go fine in my watch, I bought this product before and i say you it,s really durable, and good quality
    I will buy another one when I need it. Good product, good price, I recommende you, I live in spain and the price for it is more and the product is the same, then you can buy from your home and receive in your home and you must not go to the shop, i don,t know how they do it, but they do¡¡¡

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