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liquor flask Customers Reviews

  • Nice and funny

    posted by Dehumanizer666

    Funny gas can design, that's why I bought it in the first place! I have already used it for rum to put into hot tea when I was skiing this winter and it was cool :-)
    Nothing else to say...
    Buy it if you need a liquor flask and want a funny design.
  • leahter case flask

    posted by piepeloi55

    I bought these in march of 2009 and works still fine. Ít looks good and it's large enough. Can get in you're pocket to get a drink under way. Not when you drive though! It's very stylish and does not rust.
    It's very usefull when you're on a trip with the bus or the plane. You can get you're own drinks come with you. It saves you money. But don't drink off it when you're driving.
    It's cheap and it comes in handy much more then you think!
  • Great piece!

    posted by jipppo

    Nice real leather encased flask.Good size, its like 225ml or 9oz. Enough for one evening, or maybe pass around your favorite poison to your friends.Image in the leather looks realy good.Cap is attached to the flask itself, so you wont be losing this one. (Comes wit plastic funnel! Nice)
    Leather changes colour when it comes into contact with water, but once you dampen all the leather the colour only gets better. :D
    Nice classy flask, feels good, nice and good content.
  • Wrong design, great quality

    posted by Etzer

    Pros.. Well, it's good quality, sadly, it's not the design displayed - I recieved an armydesign, which is not cool. But then again, it's fine quality, and cheap for the price. You can always tear of the armydesign and just have a plain bottle - that's what I did.
    I bought the SKU 18910, which was actually better than expected. So the design mistake could just have been a mix up, I don't know.
    Buy these liqour flasks, they are awesome. Just because they screwed up one order, doesn't mean that it's a bad product.
  • Best for this price

    posted by tomyLV

    Very cheap for such a good quality;
    Capacity is very good- not to big, not to small. Fit perfectly in your pocket.
    Build quality is excellent- it really feels expensive.
    Really useful in cold weather:) Be sure to wash after use if you use other liquids as vodka or cognac. After using some kind of liqueur like Jegermaister it might be very hard to open the cork. Not very useful for non-drinking persons:)

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