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liquid container Customers Reviews

  • Good Isopropal Alcohol container

    posted by Sidster2

    Excellent product, it holds my Isopropal alcohol for my soldering jobs.
    The pump works good, just press down on the cap and the liquid goes to the top.
    Price was pretty cheap, right up my alley.
    Wish they make the cap better so it wouldn't leak our if accidentally tipped over.
    It works good, it gets the liquid up to the cap so you can use it for your needs. Cap can leak a little if you accidentally dip it over. Other than that, it's a great produce.
  • cheap and does its job

    posted by Esposito

    cheap as hell, it does what it is suppose to, holds liquid
    i use it for simple 3 in 1 oil, and it works great, just keep it up-right where ever you store it.
    its cheap and does a good job at what it does.
  • Useful and cute

    posted by kazenokage

    A lot similar to japanese original ones it don't differ from my older onesIt work pretty well and will long last
    Finally it fit my needs and look like other original japanese ink bottle I've
    Actually I don't need more of them but I will surely buy more of them when needed.
  • Quality corresponds the price

    posted by drug123

    - This fluid dispenser works as expected and simplifies your work at the same time reducing evaporation losses of volatile fluids like spirits, petrol or solvents. - Relatively easy to use.- Unused excess of fluid drains back to the bottle slowly reducing the spills losses.
    You may need to shorten feed tube inside the bottle.
    Not high quality product but does the job.
  • Nothing to complain about

    posted by anrus57

    Great for holding liquids on the worktable. I use this for soldering flux, and have no complaints.It is better than a simple small jar - the lid has a small pump which allows to lift just the small quantity of the liquid that you may need.
    It is suitably only for storing liquids that dry completely and do not dissolve plastic.One of my mistakes was that I used such a container for holding a rosin-alcohol flux. When it dries on parts of the pump, it completely blocks it. The pump can be washed, but watch for small parts!
    A nice item for the workshop.

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