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Every single lipo battery displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.

lipo battery Customers Reviews

  • Good field charger for the price.

    posted by CQ2000

    -The price...can't beat it.
    -Charges almost any type of battery.
    -small size.
    -comes with lots of different cables.
    -It does have data capabilities, if you have the technical ability to get it working.
    I bought this charger because it was supposed to have a USB port. It turns out the data on the "USB" port is actually TTL serial data @ 9600 baud. I did get manage to get the data from this charger to work. I used a USB to serial UART device (many companies use these to program their speed controllers, ca$tle, xcel3r1n, h3xtr0nic etc.) based on the CP2102 chip. I then used a freeware program called LogView2, using the Bantam A6 device setting, to display the data. It works quite nicely, though I have not tested the software extensively yet.
    If you need a charger and can't afford a really good one, this one is a good buy.
  • A great 1200mAh LiPO

    posted by falzuguir

    The battery came in the original Mistery packaging and very well accommodated.An excellent construction battery with a high 1200mAh 20C capacity, very usefull for RC Helis and other vehicles.
    I will try to adapt it on my Double Horse 9116.If it's not possible to use it on my DH, I will adapt on my transmitter.The first balanced charge has work very well with full power
    I recommend it without reservations
  • Excelente Produto. Prático e muito útil!!!

    posted by Bevitori

    Excelente Produto. Prático e muito útil!!! Recomendo à todos os modelistas que usam elétricos. Demorou muito para chegar, mas, está valendo muito à pena. Meus vôos ficaram muito mais tranquilos e precisos. Agora não corro mais o risco de ter uma das minhas baterias perdidas por causa de baixa voltagem. O benefício é imenso sem falar no preço do produto que aqui no Brasil é bem mais caro sem falar no frete que faz com que comprar na DX seja um excelente negócio.
    Preciso e leve.
  • Seems good

    posted by Shunra1

    Good size, well built, Velcro still holds after many opening and closings of the bag, thick material
    Bought this for keeping my LiPo batteries inside the house to reduce the chance of fire. The big downside is that i don't know if the bag is really fireproof or not. i assume this will contain a small LiPo fire but will not handle a large battery.
    The bag certainly looks well built, but a don't really know how fireproof it is. I recommend to charging you battery in a flammable environment even if in this bag.
  • Charges everything under the sun.

    posted by desolder

    I started getting into Li-ion batteries for all my hobbies, so I needed a good Li-ion charger. The Dynam Supermate 4 which I bought earlier is good, but it's too limited - it only does 1-4 Li-ion cells, and current is fixed to 1 amp.This IMAX B6 is WAY more versatile. It does all the common chemstries - NiCD, NiMH, Li-ion, Li-poly, LiFePO4, and even lead acid. You can also adjust the charge voltage to a non-standard setting, for example charge to 4.1V instead of 4.2V so as to extend your cycle life.In addition to charge and discharge functions, it also does cycling for Ni-XX (Ni-xx benefit from cycling), and balance and storage for Li-xx. Storage is for when you want to partially discharge your Li-ion batteries for the off-season, so they do not degrade in capacity as much while sitting around.You can program up to five settings in memory, so switching between batteries is fairly easy.This one comes with all the needed accessories, such as the AC power supply, and various plugs to connect to different connectors. There is also a temperature sensor for Ni-xx batteries. I haven't used it yet, but it's good to have as a safety backup for charging Ni-xx cells.This is one of the more expensive items I've bought on DX, so I was a bit worried that it wouldn't work well based on some of the user complaints in the discussions. However, all my fears were unfounded. It is charging all channels to 4.2V +-10mV. The display is working perfectly. The AC adapter does get warm, but doesn't go into meltdown (however, I haven't really stressed it to the full 60W)
    There is a hidden calibration menu you can access if your voltages are off. Check out the discussions for instructions on how to access it.
    This is a terrific charger for practically all your hobby charging needs. I'm about ready to throw out all my other chargers. It's that good.

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