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lightning to micro Customers Reviews

  • good price

    posted by ced59600

    ____________________________________________________________________________- Good price , - synchro et chargement iphone 5 ok - le chargement se fait correctement aussi sur mon galaxy s2- bonne qualité , le cable et adaptateur - fonctionne avec itunes mercienvoi et reception des applications oktres bon prix quand on vois les accessoires pour iphone____________________________________________________________________________
    manque des caches pour les embouts des cables pour avoir une meilleur protection
  • Got rid of the cable chaos on my desk

    posted by Rio75

    Works as it should, good build quality.Fits perfect at my working table, where i have to play arround with different phone models. Easy to find the right plug quickly because of the colored cable to each plug. It is also possible to charge more than one phone at the same time, but the USB port has to be able to deliver enough power (1 Amp.).
    This is a charging cable, but getting the data would be fine too. Maybe it will be offered some day.
    Would buy it again.
  • A great product for a lower price! All in one.

    posted by Flygye

    It does its job as described in the website - charging through it has been without any problem. I have just charged one Iphone 4S and one Ipad without any problems.
    you can't find a better all in one charger cable for cheaper than this, it's too cheap! I would recommend that you buy alot of them, you could give them away or sell them to friends and make a profit. I need to say it again, it's like buying an chocolate.
    Recommed to all of you.
  • Great all purpose charger cable

    posted by gdhannah

    Can charge all apple devices I've tried, nexus tablet, LG cell phone, playbook, etc. Compact, and easy to throw one in my backpack to charge multiple devices. I bought a couple and keep one in my backpack, one in the car, etc.
    Handy charger cable. Works great. Handy charger cable. Works great.Handy charger cable. Works great.Handy charger cable. Works great.Handy charger cable. Works great.
    Handy charger cable. Works great.
  • Does what it promises to

    posted by legendbr

    - Use your regular 30 pin cable to connect your new iPod / iPhone to the computer, avoiding the need of an extra cable;- The microUSB port charges the iPod like a charm;- MUCH cheaper than the Apple original adapter.
    The adapter does exactly what it says. I'm using my old USB to 30 pin cable instead of the new 9 pin cable and it's working fine so far.
    I use an iPod Touch 5th generation. Not sure if it works on the iPhone 5, but I don't see why it wouldn't.

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