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lightning cable adapter

Buy a lightning cable adapter from DX.com! It's your best choice. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. ipad lightning cable, lightning charging cable may be more suitable for you. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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lightning cable adapter Customers Reviews

  • perfect

    posted by paddywilson

    this item is very cheap compared to apples own brand chargers.it is alot longer than the one that comes with iphonewhen you first buy it as its only arounf 1m this is 3 times that.looks like the apple one you cant tell the difference between apart from it does not say iphone or apples which most people wont care
    great price for a useful item dont see why you would pay apples prices for a charger when you can get it foe a fraction of the price
    a must buy for iphone users
  • Cheap lightning cable in both price and quality

    posted by BrianDotNet

    It was probably the first knock-off lightning cable on the market that I can find. Kodos to DX for that. Price point wasn't awesome for something like this but it was less than half price of what apple charges, and it works out of box when I got it.
    I will buy again, but i'll wait for price to go down a bit, and probably will buy a bunch.
    Still a better deal than apple's bank robbing cable.
  • EU power adapter for Iphone5

    posted by roiekaner

    1. cable is thick and in good quality.2. compatible3. small and comfortable.4. long cable.
    The simple charger does not alter its output based on time or the charge on the battery. This simplicity means that a simple charger is inexpensive, but there is a tradeoff in quality. Typically, a simple charger takes longer to charge a battery to prevent severe over-charging. Even so, a battery left in a simple charger for too long will be weakened or destroyed due to over-charging. These chargers can supply either a constant voltage or a constant current to the battery.
    you can Use this ultracompact and convenient USB-based adapter to charge your iPhone, iPad mini, or iPod at home, on the road, or whenever it’s not connected to a computer.use abled adapter to connect your 30-pin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector.
  • Quite good.

    posted by smonti

    The perfect way to get your lightning device charged wherever you are, carry only with a small adapter (nowadays, everybody has an iPhone charger). Better than apple adapter, because it doesn't fit if you use a bumper.
    A dust protector for the 30 pin female connector is desirable even if you put it in your pockets.
    They need to increase quality.
  • Not bad...can't beat the price

    posted by Waddyman

    The price.
    Not much else I can say. If you only need a cable, fine. The power adapter is the culprit. It gets a 1 out of 5 because it is so loose in the socket that it is useless. You can try to pry apart the pins of the power adapter to make them fit in the socket better but I was afraid of cracking the housing.
    You can try to pry apart the pins of the power adapter to make them fit in the socket better but I was afraid of cracking the housing.

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