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  • Good quality but the plug is too long

    posted by thingle

    - Good quality - Thick nylon cable so that it is well protected - Bright color so you can find it easier.
    Definitely your moneys worth. I can see no problems with the build quality on none of the three that I ordered.
    If you are always in need for cheap but reliable spare micro usb cables then these are a good choice. The micro plug might be a problem as it more easily bends when it is not flush against the phone.As most of the cables you get are often black, grey or white, these cables are very visible in cable bundles. You spot them immediately.
  • Good adapter for low-power lamps

    posted by MadGans

    Small size, good assembly, spring-enforced contacts of GU10 part.
    If used with high-power halogen lamp (35W and more) you should periodically check adapter's integrity, to be sure if it not melting. I can expect plastic smell for first time used with halogen lamp.
    Good for low-power halogen lamp. Feel free to use with any LED lamp. Don't buy it if you want use 50W or 100W lamp (any way, I doubt if there are lamp armature that allow 100W E14 lamps). It wold be very nice if this adapter will be build of ceramic.
  • GU10 to E27 Light Lamp Bulb Adapter

    posted by jansmits

    Very handy device. My parents have a fairly long out building, and especially in wintertime it is a long walk in the dark.
    We thought of putting in regular lightbulb fittings at intervals because we could not find suitable standalone GU10 LED wall/ceiling fittings. Now we can use this device to accomplish the use of both.
    I have found that having a number of different adapters is quite handy to have around. GU10 to E14 or E27, viceversa etc.
    So I guess I need to go ahead and order somemore.
  • Excellent adaptor

    posted by DrewdQueue

    * I got these to resupply SKU.121169 which is now sold out* Much thicker/stronger walls than that model, more durable* Better design with 'stop' at the bottom prevents you from screwing a globe in too much and damaging the adaptor like SKU.121169 allows
    Also check sku.199679 if ordering in bulk
    Cheap and effective way of using DX LED globes in country using B22 (bayonet) light fittings
  • Flashy!

    posted by Ehagostinho

    Well, it works just fine as a Micro USB cable and a charger and the coil is great!
    Non that I could think of, but when is not ON and blinking it looks great.Also, the 'show' will start even if there is nothing connected to it. Just plug it into an USB port and get your party started.
    A good product that works perfectly. As long as you're expecting something flashy!

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