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lighter stainless Customers Reviews

  • Suprising quality.

    posted by JanusAnus

    The build quality is surprisingly good. It feels solid, the lid opens with a good sounding clunk and the button feels good and makes a loud click. It's also good in windy circumstances because the glowing wire relights the flame if it gets blown out. It also looks pretty good and the light in the indicator is a nice touch. Definately worth its price.
    Good buy, the lighter feels solid and the "invisible" flame is cool.
  • Great. Must have for electronics and crafts

    posted by miniputin

    Its almost fully made of metal, a rarity nowadays, the gas exit gets covered when the lighter is not being pressed, the metal acts like a heatsink so it will not get so hot in the tip.The strap is surprisingly good for a thing like this, and the size is not much more than a standard lighter. It has a regulator for the flame size, that can save you gas.It can fall to the floor and it wont have any or barely any damage. the paint is glossy and is not getting any scratched even tho its kept with my keys and so.
    Really convenient for electronics (heating a cable wrap, getting a cable bare when you dont want to cut it, etc) and crafts (getting needles hot for holes in plastic, heating up metals) and anything little that would need a heat gun, just keep the flame away from the item and use the heated air.
    Would buy again, had many jet lighters and this one is the best.
  • Classy torch lighter worthe the money

    posted by Lopina

    Looks quite nice and fancy. Produces a big torch flame capable of lighting the thickest of cigars, let alone anything else. Matte finish gives it somewhat classy look, together with its gold-crimson color combination.
    Unlike other torch lighters, this one doesn't heat up nearly as fast as others. Also, it has a switch on the side, so your fingers are never anywhere near the torch flame.
    Awesome accessory.
  • good mini torch

    posted by izbiggz

    -big FLAME- removeable safety cap - removable stand - switch to keep flame on whith out holding it
    while the switch is on to keep the flame constantly going be sure not to accidentally ignite the lighter if the flame goes out be sure to turn the switch off i did this causing me to loose that function
  • Good

    posted by mmonsterr1988

    Very classy looking and useful especially when you need to light a cigarette during a windy day. Produces an attractive green flame too. The in built key chain is very useful for bringing it around and reduce chances of getting it lost.
    Could be cheaper considering the build quality of the lighter.
    Decent price for a wind proof lighter, useful but build quality could be better.

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