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lighter flame Customers Reviews

  • Very good quality

    posted by cizkin

    Very good quality, strong and big flame if you set the limiter to the max. The weight makes the product much confortable on the pocket and using.
    reminds me a star wars light saber lol. At first, the ignition its very hard, you almost cant roll it, but a tip, using a pant, rub the rolling thing along your leg a few times, then its good to use
    its a very good product and does the job very well
  • Great ligther for cigars

    posted by sciter

    - Great double flame- Has a solid click and elevating cover when you press the button.- Becomes very hot- Great design- Very useful cigar-punch
    Great ligther to light a cigar and get an even burn. It even got delivered filled with gas.The only thing about this product is, is the fact that it is smaller than it looks like on the pictures, you decide wether it is a con or a pro.
    Great product for a good price. If you need a pocketligther for the occasional smoke, this is the thing to go for.
  • Butane Lighter

    posted by litrowtf

    Good lighter wind proof.- it is possible to adjust the flame.- the bottom is transparent, which allows to see when the lighter is filled at the time of reloading it.- Small, lightweight and easy to carry.
    it's a cute lighter and works well. it's really windproof when the flame is regulated correctly
    I think so that's perfect for girls (many colors, soft and have a good look)
  • Outanding, Perfect, Gorgeous!

    posted by BeTuCa

    Outanding, Perfect, Gorgeous!
    Huge Flame, 2 burners!
    This is my favorite lighter in all time.
    Cant get out of home without it.
    Come on! its almost a swiss-knife
    Decent gas consumption...
    Nice heigh and balance.
    Very well built. I think its unbreakeble!
    humm.... it should have an wine opener too.
    and the built-in scissor is not that fantastic, but it works like a charm. too small, a bit fragile, but effective.
    Buy it! Buy as many as you can! better gift, impossible!
    Mine istll workin afer 1 year!!
    and i really use it!
  • useful and handy

    posted by arzdenaal

    it is interesting design. it is windproof. it is high temperature flame. it is small but powerful. it is good built, so far no large failure.
    This is really useful thing. If you need to heat up something it takes only short time. the heat goes quite far from the device - you can light a smoke from about 25 cm (without wind)
    I use it on the go and it does what i expect. so far so good. some ight not like the design, but there is plenty of other lighter with similar jet but different designs


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