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  • Nice replacement socket

    posted by avsky995

    This lighter socket is well build, wires and thick so I know they won't over heat if anything goes wrong. + there's a fuse on the wire which increase it's security.
    I bought this as a replacement for my Honda accord lighter socket. (I got the car with an ugly socket dangling in the car) The size of the socket is just a bit thick due to the threads. I make the hole a little larger by scraping with a razor blade. Not really a con but it was an issue. It was too big by just a hair.As for wiring, I splice the wire from the original socket and made it into 2 plug, one for general use and one hidden under the steering wheel for dash cam. Black is with black and color is with color. (mine was white with red) Make sure you connect the leads to the correct port on the socket, they are WELL marked.
    I got it to replace the crap socket I have from the previous owner. Looks awesome, I don't have picture of the inside but I will upload a picture of the socket on the dash after install.
  • I am surprised

    posted by tomsss

    The body of the socket is of thick construction, has got some weight too. Feels durable and it should be. Drilled a 25mm hole and this thing fits nicely. The wires are sufficiently thick too. Plus point is that it has got a cap.
    They should come up one with a lighted surround. maybe have a longer wire.
    I got this one and I will definitely get another few of these. Looks like OEM with the cap thingy. They should come up one with a lighted surround. maybe have a longer wire.
  • Motorcycle cigarrtte lighter power socket

    posted by RSostena

    Cheap. Looks well made. Good power cord qnd conector. Can fit in different diameters of the hand bar (see below).Plastic cap looks to work fine.
    Cheap and well made. Only pay attention to connection.
    Good product for right price.
  • This is the one to buy

    posted by HeadRock

    A few words will describe this product:RobustWeather proofEasy to installCable end is sealed for water proofing. This don't show in the pictures.Of all the different models this must be the one to buy. You can use this on an open boat for sure. It's absolutely rock solid. The cap is very tight fitting and will not drop out easily.
    but this one is worth the $10.50.
    If you are choosing between models buy this one. It's REALLY good...
  • Very good for your car

    posted by edsonsothe

    An excellent product, very easy to install in your automobile, comes with fuse for the security of its electric vehicle, great for those who do not have in your automobile or who need to use several devices that need DC12V in automobile, polished product that anyone with little conhecimendo makes installation
    I recommend everyone this wonderful product, practical, well made and cheap, those who buy will not regret
    I recommend and would buy again DX

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