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light xm-l Customers Reviews

  • Nice head torch

    posted by drsolly

    It has two 18650 batteries in parallel, so it should last a long time. It has a good spotlight,plus some light around it. And it has a red light at the back (the DX description didn't make that clear), which makes it good as a biking headlight; cars behind me can see me. It comes with a little charger, in case you don't own one.
    Comforable to wear, angle of light is adjustable.
    This is coming out biking with me.
  • Nice torch

    posted by Slugsie

    Sturdy, and mostly well made. The pump action beam focus has a nice smooth action. The bright setting is nice and bright, the dim provides a good light that is perfect for reading etc. The strobe setting ... strobes. The beam is very even at maximum angle, and narrows to a bright square at the other end. The clip easily allows it to be clipped up or down.
    This is a great LED torch running off a single 18650. Apart from the gritty thread on the tail cap I can't really fault it.
    It's a bit too big to keep in a trouser pocket, but sling it in a bag and it's perfect to carry around.
  • Excelent quality bike light

    posted by ssombra

    Super strong light, nice design and the materials seem to be very durable. I am actually amazed with this light, for the price I was expecting something with a "cheaper" look
    Maybe this could come with more rubber rings, I think that they are not very durable.
    If you want a good and affordable bike light this is definitely a good option. I recommend it
  • Great light

    posted by wes2914

    Nice and bright light that is portable and easy to use will work as normal flashlight but about twice as bright as a normal light.
    this is a great light is not too front heavy and will work for many uses the batteries supposedly have ten year shelf life but are not included. the XM-L lights made by cree are very bright and work well.
    It is good light and i would recommend if looking for a bike light or a house light. it is water prof and works well.
  • Great product!

    posted by CristianTe

    Excellent quality products. Easy network installation. Beam of concentrated light. Low battery consumption. 3 types of light: strong, weak, strobe. Besides leaving the prettiest bike, greatly increases security by better lighting on overnight trips and increasing the visibility of the bike in traffic.
    I bought and approved.
    Accessory very important for safety in overnight trips.

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