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  • Not Perfect Quality.

    posted by freeform

    Pair this with the remote IR switch and you've got yourself a cheap very cool looking light.
    I have 2 of these in my apartment, I used to have 2 before in an old house, behind tv's etc - the quality of those was better.. I'm a little worried that dust or something might get into these and short it out or something. It's great for a cheap project, but nothing professional.
    Buy it if you want a cheap LED strip light.
  • Brighter than expected.

    posted by luvasu

    Believe it or not, but I shave myself under the light of three of these bulbs (side by side in a row over the mirror). I switch only one bulb when using the bathroom or shower; to shave, I switch-on the other two.
    Overall, I've got a better product than expected. SIX units bought up to today... and probably more in a short future.
    I planned a change of low consumption bulbs (those with a light tube inside) in all of the house due to the contens of mercury in those tubes. DX LED products are a big help to this purpose. They are great to "slim" the electricity bill.
  • Upgrade your inline switches for dust and weather resistance

    posted by strykeroz

    Quite robustly constructedRubber seals around switch and where your wires go into the caseStrain relief clamps at both sides where wires enterStandard 3-terminal rocker switch means you could use solder or crimp terminals to connectSwitch can be popped out the top for soldering or connecting
    Rubber seals for each end have a cup shape which was useful for filling with additional silicone sealant. Switch only operates on one pole so if replacing a dual pole inline switch you'll need to join and insulate one wire.A bit chunkier in style than other inline switches
    An inexpensive replacement for cheaper inline switches where weather or dust resistance is required. Certainly not waterproof, but a decent upgrade regardless. I used these in a 12V environment so have not used the light as yet.
  • I didn't read closely enough!

    posted by stunfire

    its a light and it works and easy to use. It's cheaper compared to the $30-60 headlights in MEC but probably not as strong.
    I wanted to get a head light for night reading. It will suffice for now but I don't like the red light.The headband is a simple elastic with plastic parts. not the most comfortable but not a big deal.
    Get one if you need it but read carefully!
  • Nice watch; fashionable

    posted by oferxXx

    Fashionable Design-good looking; if you pulling the button the watch stop working-to save some battery life.Easy to handle; realy cool LED watch.
    replace band to metal and add a little weight could attractive more buyers.
    Nice watch Beautiful and fashionable but cheap.

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