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light torch flashlight Customers Reviews

  • A good head light

    posted by Pyrolv

    The head light is good and bright. It has three modes - high, low and flashing.
    So it's a good head light, basically two-in-one - a bike light and a torch. And a dodgy quality tail light.
    You get what you pay for :)
  • Random luck

    posted by osafronov

    Such a miracle I did not expect! For the price of two packs of cigarettes this spotlight. If you use good aa batteries - the night like day. If you use a bad battery, too, can live, but dull. I have not dived with this lamp, not dropping it, use it more than a year. I consider him one of his jewelry. Although confident that we can not really love any thing.
    Sometimes luck. This flashlight - a random luck.
  • Good flashlight. But....

    posted by olz1990

    +Easy focus
    +Matte finish on the coating
    +Can use borh AAA and 14500/16500
    +Reasonably priced
    +Comes with headband-mount
    Tried this out and compared to a LED lenser 85lm, and the lenser was a lot more bright. Have not tested with other batteris, but fresh good quality AAA's was not enough to power the flashlight over 70-80lm even at high setting.
    The ehadbandmount works pretty good, and holds the flashlight firm enough in place for normal use.
    If you want a OK multipurpose flashlight, this will work.
  • Very Good lamps

    posted by outrojuliano

    All you need to give more visibility to your bike, enhancing safety.
    The front part is highly potent, and has various functions, the most interesting rapid flashing, thereby increasing the visibility.
    The back part has more functions, which also help others see you.
    The LEDs are high brightness, and can illuminate very well.
    Tudo o que você precisa para dar maior visibilidade à sua bicicleta, aumentando a segurança.
    A peça da dianteira é bem potente, e possui várias funções, sendo a mais interessante a que pisca rápido, aumentando assim a visibilidade.
    A peça traseira possui mais funções, que também ajudam a outras pessoas a te verem.
    Os leds são de alto brilho, e conseguem iluminar muito bem.
    Even with the glitch presented, I consider a good pair of bicycle lamps. It even comes with brackets to fit under the seat and handlebars.
    The front piece uses four AAA batteries and two AAA rear part. Durability is very large, because the LEDs do not consume as much battery.
    Mesmo com o pequeno defeito apresentado, eu considero um bom par de lampadas para bicicleta. Ele vem inclusive com os suportes para encaixar embaixo do banco e no guidão.
    A peça dianteira utiliza 4 pilhas AAA, e na peça traseira duas AAA. A durabilidade é muito grande, pois os leds não consomem tanta bateria.
    For the price it pays a lot. I recommend to all who seek to improve safety when they are riding a bike.
    Pelo preço, compensa muito. Recomendo a todos que procuram melhorar a segurança quando estão andando de bike.

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