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light tool Customers Reviews

  • Very handy to carry in a wallet or bag

    posted by SarCarstic

    This little card has proven to be very handy. It actually does fit in a wallet quite well, I carry it around in my small bag, and I have found use for it quite a few times - to do up the screws in my glasses when one fell out, used the tweezer to remove a splinter etc. There are so many uses
    I really like this, as mentioned I have found a lot of uses for it, and it saves having to go search for a tool when I am at home, and when out allows emergencies to be taken care of (like my glasses falling apart)
    Really handy, very cheap and worth having for those little things that crop up from time-to-time where you may need a small tool, or torch.
  • This is the best, cheapest flint too out there.

    posted by froek

    I bought this thinking it wasn't going to be that great because of the price. It turned out to be really really good. I showed a friend how to make a fire out of this stuff and it blew his mind. Easy to scratch off using my pocket knife and then strike it made instant fire in 3 seconds.
    I think it's going to last me quite a while.
    You gotta get this if you want a tool to spark flame and you forget gas-based or match based flame, or your other items are broken. Super small and I carry it wherever I go!
  • multifunctional Keychain

    posted by makesmebad

    KEYCHAIN IS GOOD FOR HAVING THE FUNCTIONS, is very lean and adaptable to any type of keys. is aesthetically beautiful
    If the flashlight would work I think would be a good gift for any occasion. The razor blade it is very good.
    is very cheap but the performance is not really good. I open beers with it now!

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