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You will be surprised our best light strip 12v white with an artful design and an amazing price. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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  • Excellent SMD LED Strip for a great price!

    posted by fixerr

    Looks and made ??very high quality!
    Shines brightly enough.
    Convenient to install.
    Scotch is very well glued.
    Really waterproof!
    Coil strip of LEDs was packed in a sealed, anti-static bag, I really liked it, so as to exclude the breakdown statics for delivery.
    Elements are soldered neatly, marriage not found.
    Sealant keeps well. When installing / soldering had no problems.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality at this price!
    I really liked this product.
    Advise to purchasing.
    Thank you DX!=)
  • Not as bright as promised, still good for the price!

    posted by Panofsky

    It's cheap, it's long and it lights. Probably brighter than 5050 SMDs or 3528s. Good length in a small package.
    The colour is more blueish than I expected. But it depends on your use if thats a pro or a con. I can't compare it to other LED strips as this is my first one, but I do think it's the same as the other mass produced 5630 strips.
    It's a good value but not as bright as one would expect.
  • good for the price

    posted by Shai27

    Good price. Looks like its waterproof.
    I connect it to PC power supply. Current is 2.5Amp, so the power will be 12*2,5 = 30 Watt for 5 meters. So it's not 75W as described. Full power of 5050 3-chip diode is 0,5W at 60 mA. But 0,5W*300 = 150W per strip - it's a lot! 18A is not good for flexible pcb. A circuit consists of 150 ohm resistor and 3 LED in series. Each LED have from 3 to 3,5 Volts drop. If you want to get 60 mA current throw LED you need to use only 25 Ohm resistor! (E.g. (R=U/I) (12 Volt from power supply – 3* 3,5 Vdrop)/0,06 Amp = 25). On this strip resistor can’t be resoldered, but I can raise the voltage.
    In order to achieve 75W I need to use 15V supply, I think.
  • Great Value and Soo Bright

    posted by dkr1975

    Very Bright - would say that 1m is more than equal to 60W light.Great value for the money.Easy to use and sticky backing makes easy to install.1m was about 0.91amp on my multimeter so power usage is minimal fare better than 12V CF lights im using now.
    Stick it to some aluminum strip and slide it into clear tubing with silicone sealing up the ends and you have a great waterproof light for camping or outdoors.also would be good for lighting displays or cupboards in the kitchen or anywhere you want minimal footprint but max light.
    So many applications for this and so bright.
  • Good LED-strip, but does not match specification

    posted by eklann

    Cheap and simple, can be cut every third led.
    First ordered 1, and then 2 more after receiving the first. The first seems to match the specifications, while the other two are clearly not the same temperature. They are much warmer white than the first one.The first also had wires attached to both ends while the other two only had it on one end. Finally the later two were 10 50cm-strips soldered together instead of one 500cm piece, cant complain about the soldering, but it is kind of strange.
    If you are picky with the color temperature, don't order these. Otherwise they are just fine.

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