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  • GU10 Led

    posted by tumbbi95

    Really bright. Even brighter than my old halogen bulbs. White color fits perfectly in my office because white light is better for working or reading than warm light. Light spreads nicely and i have light everywhere i need it.
    I will buy more of these. Feels durable and its very bright. A lot cheaper than the led´s that my local dealers offer.would buy more. Cheap, durable, efficient, low power consumption.
    would buy more. Cheap, durable, efficient, low power consumption.
  • Works well

    posted by SuperDoug

    Easy drop-in replacement for your bulbs.It uses low powerThere are no power issues with it with it installed in my scooter. Dual brightness bulb!
    I cut one of these open to see what was inside, there seems to be a 150ohm and a 50ohm resistor in it. Soldering looks hand done and rough, but that is ok, as long as it work. The unit is sealed in air tight with clear resin so moisture is not a problem.
    A good drop in replacement for small brake lights, but not ones with large reflectors.
  • Nice gadget

    posted by micedeath

    - Easy to mount, only unpack and screw on the tap.- Comes with adapter, if different diameter is needed.- Small enough not to be in the way of your hands when washing- The light is bright, especially when you turn off the bathroom lights.
    - The turbine which powers the light could be quieter. I probably won't keep it running too long and mount it only from time to time.- The water flow is reduced, not significantly, but noticeably.- There are no safety notes on the packing, regarding the drinking for this faucet. I presume it's safe, but it should be written somewhere.
    Nice gadget to make fun with family and friends.
  • Good product

    posted by maverickcry

    High quality building
    Cold led light
    Very easy to use and very easy to install
    Magnet inside the base to put the bar in vertical position
    Osram has it at about 16,00 €
    Strongly recomended if you need light but you don't wont break the wall to pass electrical cables but you need glue if you paste it in your cabinet or in your kitchen.
  • One very bright strip light

    posted by UOWDMC

    Very very bright. I took it around with a drill battery wowing everyone in the office with how bright such a small thing could be.Now I will go install it in my server closet where it will serve as the main light.Being a 12V unit, I can run it off the 12V back rail and don't need to get the electrician to install it.Has screw-holes at each end for good attachment.Nice big solder pads.
    Just what I needed.
    If you need a bright strip of light on 12V, this is it.


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