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light signal red Customers Reviews

  • Adequate, but brighter would be better

    posted by silviumc

    - low energy consumption 3W compared to original incandescent 21W
    - very long life, for all intents and purposes, longer than the life of the car itself.. that is if they don't fail in the first couple of months
    - almost as bright as the incandescent
    They might be the brightest around at this moment, but they should be even brighter to be perfect. And they should be a whole lot more intense going from tail-mode to braking. Two more leds on top and two more on the side that would light up when braking would be much better.
  • Little Dim in the Sun, but gets the job done

    posted by Rushpro1851

    -Works on 12 Volts-Works wired up either way (+/- do not matter, see other thoughts)
    These actually have 8 small leds inside, but only four work depending on which wire it up. Pretty handy for ease of use, but it also makes them pretty dull. I was going to use them on a quad, but I don't think they are going to be bright enough to work.
    These indicators work great, however they are a little hard to see in outside during the day.
  • Good bulbs, get 'em

    posted by Graafvaag

    - Good red color, looks beter than original bulbs- These bulbs are small, so they'll definitely fit.- Brightness is OK. Just slightly less than the original, but definitely enough.- The price is absolutely no reason not to try these!
    I bought these as replacement rear light bulbs for my Peugeot 106. They're bright enough as standard rear lights and will fit in any car since the're very small
    When looking for LED bulbs for your car's rear light, these will do!
  • Excelent for 3rd brake light

    posted by vladk2k

    Reduced power consumption; Pure red light; Does not burn out easily; Spreads light evenly; Great for use in a 3rd braking light; Fits standard 1156 / P21W sockets and housings without any adaptation
    I put these in my 2010 Dacia Logan's 3rd braking light and rear fog light. As a braking light it does good and provides more uniform spread of light, but as a fog light I feel that it is not bright enough - althou this is a subjective opinion.
    Perfect quality and price
  • At least they're cheap

    posted by McKaamos

    Well, they're cheap. They also fit into a T10 socket without problems and the red color is pretty good.
    These might be usefull in some cases, but not for any spot on my car.
    They're too dim and focused to be of any use as a brakelight or as coloring in the headlights.
    Don't use these on a car. Put them on something else, like a bicycle or some kind of hobby project.
    Useless for a car, use them for something else. At least they're cheap.


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