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  • Efficient as well as flexible power requirements

    posted by mjv00

    Non polarised (can connect +ve -ve either way round). Works off a wide range of voltages (8-30VDC). Consumes 1W no matter the voltage as makes use of switching LED driver on-board.
    I swapped out 4 x 20W halogens in our stove top extractor unit for four of these LED units. Power consumption has dropped from 80W to 4W, though admittedly these are quite a lot dimmer. Still bright enough, but only just. Still for 4W total, can't expect too much. These are the best LEDs in this twin pin format that I have found. Will keep looking for something brighter though.
    Very flexible 1W LED (1W total consumption, LED will be a bit less, guessing 750mW or so)
  • Good replacement!

    posted by PieterT

    Fits easily!Has a very blue (almost purple) color.Approx 8000k.Good light output!
    I wanted a much whiter +/- 4000k light and more light output - the picture and description is much whiter than the ones I received.It is not bad and looks good - some of my friends really love the color - but I think I will change it later when I find the right one for me!
    The price is very good, the color is nice and I would recommend it if that is what you are after.In my case I am happy, but will replace it when I find something better - then I will give these to my friend, as he likes it so much!!
  • Large, but very bright

    posted by RealDonRico

    Good replacement for a W5W I had before. This one is significantly brighter than the incandescent one. Finally I can see something in the trunk.
    If it doesn’t work the first time you plug it in, take it out, spin it 180 degree and put it back in (car has DC instead of AC…).
    In use since some months now and no problem so far.
  • Very Good LED bulbs

    posted by AHMED111

    Very Very Cheap PriceVery low power consumption < 1 WGood brightness ( for vanity mirrors)Low head radiationFits perfectly ( license plate,mirror light sockets)Never worry about draining your battery if you forget your lights on
    DX sells error free led bulbs but they are (in my openion counter productive) some people use led lighting as decoration while i use them to save my alternator and battery the error free comes with load resistor to simulate higher current draw compared to incandescent bulbs they will work fine(theoritically) but i wouldn't use them if you own an older car ~ probably before 2000 go with these bulbs for whatever usage they fit in your car they are great and you will not be disappointed
    thanks Dealextreme
  • God for night reading. Don't wake up your partner anymore!

    posted by Lashman

    - Very easy to use. Just put the batteries and turn the switch on!- Good for night reading if you don't want to disturb your partner.- Good battery life.- Brightness adjustable.- Good quality material. Made of plastic (See cons since it scratches a little bit)
    I use every night to read since my wife sleeps earlier than me. I can ready with no problems without disturbing her.
    Could be a little more cheaper!

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