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  • Nice gloves, worth to try them out!

    posted by smuul

    I am motocyle rider and not to possible use Iphone without unwearing gloves, I was looking for glove which can use Iphone with glove and found this item. But it is not good for motocycling. I am using it for winter times and very satisfied. Nobody can understand what kind of difference on the glove. Could be little more fashionable but I don't need
    Nice gloves, worth to try them out! my girlfriend and her brother like them very much!
    Nice gloves, worth to try them out!
  • Dog Collar

    posted by filekb

    Easy to use. Has three different settings, always on, quickly flashing and slowly flashing. The purple LED isn't the brightest, but out in the dark it is easy to see. Good for keeping the dog in sight on those dark nights.
    overall handy to have.
    Useful if you go out in the dark.
  • UV light source for home use.

    posted by Ignatovich

    UV light 400 nm ( \delta = 20 nm - it's OK for LEDs)Power (higher than) > 50 mW. Up to 100 mW.Tested on spectrometer and powermeter.It's only UV-A, not UV-B or C. It's safety for homeuse.Common AAA batteries, easy for use.Enough otput power for fluorescence of organic materials / liquids.
    Protected from dust and splash of water. It's safety for homeuse/
    Good choise of UV source for homeuse (UV-A). But in any case - it's not a toy!Don't give little children. It's enough power UV light source.
  • One cool gadget!

    posted by Angstnagony

    First the thought of never having to buy matches, a lighter or lighter fluid is a big pro. This handy dandy gadget charges up by usb and contains a filament that heats up, similiar to a car lighter. Just push down on the big button (shown in light silver) and presto, the coil becomes visible and heats up. Also included is a neat little purple led light. Very useful when it is dark. Comes with a usb cord that plugs into one end to charge.
    This is an extremely cool gadget to have. Its durable, built tough and will work as long as the coil works. Which should be a while. Pay 6 bucks now and save money on lighters or matches! Worth every penny.
    Love it! And Im going to show it off to all my friends and encourage them to get one too. Would make a lovely gift for a smoker. A+ gadget.
  • Nice lamp for colored illumination.

    posted by Arefiev

    - Has three colors, purple is made by combining red and blue. - Reasonably bright. Enough to create pleasant background lighting in a medium-sized room in the evening. - Does not overheat even when not submerged in water. - Power unit build is sturdy, power switch feels solid and reliable. - Not limited to aquariums ;)
    Creates a nice atmosphere.
    Good lamp for aquarium lovers and people who like experimenting with lighting.

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