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  • Great for children's room

    posted by esemann

    It's great for the children's room, to create a "nice" ambience for sleeping time. My daughter just loved!!! For the price, it's a need for every parent... You can buy a 4.5V font, and don't care about the batteries anymore.[PT-BR] É excelente para o quarto das crianças! Minha filha adorou!!! Pelo preço, é um item obrigatório para os pais... Você pode comprar uma fonte de 4,5 V, e esqueca das pilhas.
    It's great for the children that are scared from the dark!!! Even being made from cheap plastic isn't a real problem, and it being not so bright it's good to, as it doesn't bother for the sleep...
  • LED Grow light

    posted by mike001

    Nice intense light, with a reddish/purple hue, likely most suitable for clones, fisktanks or as additional lighting source. Generates very little heat and uses very little power.
    There are other LED growlights that seem to be better value and more relevant spectral output than these.
    Good depending on application and use. Ideal for fishtanks or as additional red lighting (for flowering).
  • Nice 2-way radio - perfect as a gift for children.

    posted by Padroni

    It has nice range. The sound quality is very clear.Tested the distance up to about 100m and the clarity remained the same.I am excited to give this to my children as a gift.
    I am glad I bought this for my children. Good quality product. Tested the range and the sound quality remained the same between 2 & 100m apart. This is exactly what I wanted and I feel the quality/price ratio is very good.
    If you want to get your kids a nice 2-way radio set, then this one is the one to get. This can be used as a entry-level 2-way radio for professional services as well.
  • Great product

    posted by JerryBoyle

    Pink light is great for mood lighting, the light is bright and the quality is great. They seem to be durable, are a snap to install, and the pink is unique
    Brighter than I expected, I use them in a house trailer for mood lighting, they work really well. My wife loves pink and smiles when I turn these on. Added bonus - used outdoors they don't attract as many bugs as normal white light
    Great quality and price, lasts a long time, unique colour, go get some!
  • This is a very original USB and it seems to be working just fine

    posted by JoseSBarrientos

    It has a great design and it is just like the one on the picture, the outside materials are great, it seems like a plastic toy.
    It fell once and it did not break, meaning is well done by the inside too. Perfect gift for a girl, sister, mother or even grandma.
    Buy it for your girl or your mother.

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