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light module Customers Reviews

  • Very strong light - 100 emitters

    posted by yarash

    Very strong light, the specifications say it hasOnly one emitter, but it actually has 100 of themEach peace has on each side the (+\-) so it is very easy to solder a few peaces in a row.Very good build quality
    It is not obvious to me that if i buy an LED That i need to add more equipment other than just powering it.
    Very high quality, but needs some way to cool it down
  • Good bright drop inpgrading a big torch

    posted by cameronhayes

    Very bright good upgrade for halogen globe torcheswell made with good heat sinkinghas a decent spot in the center with good coverage for about 30-40 meters.
    I've used to upgrade a big halogen torch that uses a 6v SLA battery and its much brighter and provides a better throw. Should run for considerably longer then the original incandescent bulb. Will look to upgrade a few torches with this now.
    Good purchase if you have the right donor torch to put it in to. Good for incandescent bulb halogen upgrades
  • LED module 100W

    posted by Luc6580

    This module delivers a lot of light when combined with the power module 100W.It's easy to fix with four screws on a cooling element.
    The combination with the power module 100W is very good.The module delivers nearly no heat and is very small (120 x55x35 mm)
    The efficienty is very good, i estimate 80 lumen per watt, but is not better than a good TL light.When the efficienty still increases,it will be worthwhile to build it in fixture's for living purposes.The color of the light must also be improved.
  • Powerfull UVA lightsource for making blacklight or detectors

    posted by lasermanathome

    Althought the eye is about 1/2% as sensitive for this color as for the same amount of green light, the fluorescent effect using only one of these leds is remarkable and can be brought to spotlight with the proper secondairy optics , so you can build a powerfol coolant detector for the garage and other functions like markings made of fluorescent paint, human fluids etc.
    To make an array gives you a very powerfulle Blacklight, even stronger than 400 Watt high pressure mercury dichargebulbs with only 10 of these leds!!With perfect cooling 3 Watts are no problem , without cooling 0.3 Watts is about the limit.Used in completely dark circumstances they can irritat your eyes so better build them in a WF 501b and correct driver like I did my shelve.
    For blacklighteffects and for laboratory instruments , these leds are very convenient.Use a correct driver and use coolnig grease , mount them on a thick aluminum plate and , when used many, use a blower, the cooler they run the mure invisable blacklight you get, as almost any colorled, the wavelength depends on the temperature of the ledcristal.When they become hot, the wavelenght goes to 410 nM , whenn cool is stayes below 400nM what is much less visable.
  • Ceiling lamp (adaptive)

    posted by aritn

    Light white light of excellent quality, I will use to adapt the environments of my house.Fulfills his description when he says that has 6300K, perfectly illuminates the environment (room).
    Great for any environment luminaria, good quality LCD and white. illumination is evenly distributed, rather than E27 bulbs.
    Excellent quality, you can buy, recommend.


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