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light head lamp Customers Reviews

  • Skull Head Decorative Blue Light Bike/Car Wheel Tire Valve Caps Lamps

    posted by hignd

    This skull head shaped motion blue light for bicycle valve is a great item for the price. And you get four not two. It looks fine, not that cheap and the light is very powerfull for the size of it. great item for night use
    Is a great buy for a cool night ride and you get 4. i guess i will save to for spare times.
  • Just what I needed

    posted by Slice2buck

    I have been looking for one of these forever.*2 lights*2 LEDS on each light*2 settings on each light/ 1 led-2 led*Very bright*6 bucks!
    I have a Sony reader. It has no backlight. I have a 1 led just like this, but it always leaves a dark spot. This is perfect, you can adjust them out of the way of what you reading and it lights up the entire page. It is really bright. I only use it on the 1 LED setting on each light and that is definatly enough.
    For my purposes, this light is perfect. I paid $10 for one with just one light,great deal!
  • head torch

    posted by johnnymachine

    I really like the fact its rechargeable you cant beat that ,At the moment Im working in a dark work shop and need the light with hands free to carry out the work, It has good battery life And the head strap fits my head over a hat
    its a funny thing i was quite impressed with the little light till a work mate brought a h7 head lampi was gutted but his was not rechargeable so i set to work. I ripped the lamp out and retro fitted an h7 lamp with focus of course the battery life has been affected but for the extra light it well worth it
    for a head torch that is rechargeable and has a descent light out put although not to be worn for long periods i would recommend this for the home handy man but for a trades men there i a better light but rechargeable now thats harder to find
  • Great spot light for the value

    posted by Arabianfox

    Nice to work with. Very handy and can be used for many purposes. Rechargable and last at least one hour or more. Head band is ellastic can be put on the head or on plastic helmet.
    I wish DX check all items before sending to customers. Hope they don't send such items this might give customers bad impression. The cost of this item was only $14.66 therefore I don't want to take this issue seriously.
    Usefull only if its brand new. I was given used item repaired. I am not sure if battery of this type available to replace.
  • Great for lyrics reading

    posted by zoki008sb

    I'm using several of these in my band, attached to the music stand for reading lyrics. Very often it is dark when playing so this little thing is very useful. I mostly use only 1 LED as it is bright enough.
    Would be good to have some auto turn off function not to kill the batteries if stays on.
    Great for lyrics reading

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