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Every single light eu led displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! You can also browse led ceiling lights and 12v led lights. With your support, we can do better.
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light eu led Customers Reviews

  • Excelent cost & Benefit

    posted by mescola

    Simple and easy to use. The price really worth buying.
    If you're looking for a lot of leds to fill your Christmas tree or your house with lights, buy this!
    I have absolutely no regrets, but the opposite, I'll buy another of that today!
  • brilliant effect

    posted by lasermanathome

    Gives strong colorfull effect withe sharp shaped patterns wich are -per color -different.For such a small device and working with only 3X1Watt leds the lightoutput is surprisingly powerfull
    This principe could be used in a larger scale and that will be very appreciated in the professional world.
    There are NO lasers involved, dispite the description but the colors are very small spectrum and so the effect looks a bit like laser but without the danger.Well done DX!!
  • Perfect lighting for aquarium

    posted by ademilde

    Product has perfect lighting for aquarium. Excellent lighting. Has two sets of LEDs ... with bluish light which leaves the aquarium with a beautiful bluish tint and the other with yellowish white light that leaves the aquarium very clear, it seems that water is even more crystalline.
    Product has good price and has a good set of LED. Easy to connect and operate.
    Highly recommend the product for use in aquariums. My aquarium was very pretty with this illumination.
  • Just what I was looking for and a good price

    posted by Iskkander

    It led aquarium light perfect for what I needed.It is cheap, the cheapest I found.Save energy and money, its consumption is very low.Perfect for breeding tanks discus.Small and fits perfectly to the edges of the aquarium. Is adjustable by screws to the glass.
    For cube-shaped aquarium typical of 45-50 cm, used to breed discus is perfect and elegant.I have a Cubic Blau and fits perfectly.I hope it really lasts the hours indicated in the specifications.
    Nothing more to add
  • goog light

    posted by leo6976

    easy to use,and install,good bright led,arrived in less than a month,low warm ,it has a switch two position,one all leds including blue(in one position) and in the other position only the blue leds.More cheaper that in other shops... i think that it has good material,and it is like the page show it and has the same characters like it is describe on page
    it has a good light and shine,i wait that it works in the time like now...low energy usage...low warm...its arrives in less than a month, in good conditions...i think that i am going to buy other
    good price,i recommended it

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