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  • Incredibly bright

    posted by Flyowynd

    Bright, really bright, one of this baby manage to saturate my digital luxmeter (over 20000 lux).
    And also it starts working with a very low current (around 100mA).
    Star board is correct, I'm just wondering if it would be possible to put 3 of this LED very close together to get a better beam. But in this case a good heatsink will be required.
    Need to find a correct optic, I didn't try any yet since I want a flood beam, but 140° is still a bit too much.
    Very good product, you really get a very bright LED for a small price and without increasing the input voltage too much.
  • P7 Eat your Heart out!

    posted by ledsanders

    This LED is MUCH MUCH brighter than the P7's I have.
    Worked Perfect as a replacement in a p7 Host that I had.
    Brighter than the Headlights on my ATV!
    If the 50 is this bright the 90 must be insane!
    I wonder if this would work in a few aging Luxeon star Torches I have!
    if you are looking to a replacement star for your torch look no further. This thing is a beast! Brighter than the two 40w bulbs lighting my kitchen!
  • Crazy bright LED

    posted by zenith828

    Very, Very bright! Seems to be able to take anywhere from 16-18 volts with out gaining or losing brightness, it seems like overpowering this array will not increase its output, this is a pro for me. Great price for the light output and low power consumption.
    btw the reflector is is SKU 39963, and the lens is SKU 13569.I haven't tested the actual lumen output of this led (array) but it is way to bright to look at on full power (thats also at ~170 degree spread)The lumen to watt ratio is a little high so I'm assuming that it isn't quite 2000 lumen. 80 Lumen/watt? seems a little high to me but i could be wrong. Efficiency wise it is waaayyyy better then incandescent. If you want to see it in action, i filmed this video with only this led array lighting in total dark building and the array was powered by a laptop battery and wasn't quite on full power.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eERtoTfSpk
    It's the best price around if you want a powerful efficient led array, make sure you have a good heat sink.
  • Super bright! Great price.

    posted by nztdm

    Very bright, very cheap, very easy. Great size allows easy installation into flashlights. Nice PCB film makes soldering to the pads easy and hassle free. Wires go through the notches on the side. This thing will make a bright white beam at night through a suitable collimator lens.
    This thing gets hot, as any thing that small running at 3A. Only install it in a large metal flashlight with good thermal connection to body.
    Great when used withhttp://www.dx.com/p/6-18v-3000ma-3-mode-circuit-board-for-xm-lt60-emitters-57779
  • Extreme brightness

    posted by zaxxon1

    It is very bright. It is important not just for amount of light, but also for cooling as it dissipates less heat with same light output. It is best LED available with high power.I am using it for BMW angel eyes. I've replaced original LED with this one with good results.
    I am missing other bases than round. For example square 10mmx10mm would be great.
    Very good product.

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