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light e27 5w

Finding your favorite light e27 5w is easy in our product catagories. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. You can also browse lighting e27 4w and e27 light sensor. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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light e27 5w Customers Reviews

  • Good lamp in my small bathroom

    posted by Dinp

    Bright enough for a 2,61 m² bathroom;Power consumption;Easy to install;Keep the socket E27 and replace just the lamp;Small, it fits in any place.
    I installed this one as general lightning. For the place next to the mirror, I will install a 9W LED to be used during shaving, brushing teeh, etc.
    Calculate the luminous required in your environment before buying any lamp. There are some formulas that consider the size, colors of the wall, number of points
  • 12V LED light

    posted by sec67

    * Bright, even spread of light.* Energy efficient.* Safe, doesn't get hot.* Fits commonly available E27 receptacles.
    current draw:330mA @ 12V (3.96W).490mA @ 14V (6.86W).
    I will buy more if required.That's all I want to say but, reviews under 500 characters (all fields combined) will not be accepted. That's all I want to say but, reviews under 500 characters (all fields combined) will not be accepted. That's all I want to say but, reviews under 500 characters (all fields combined) will not be accepted.
  • good Product

    posted by luizdeejay

    Very good product at a good price. He does everything that was promised, sorry that mine came broken, because she and glass, which does not inform the descriptions, and a good result for use in smaller areas than 4m ².
    Good for illuminating small areas or rooms, or accent lighting, not to illuminate an entire room.I recommend.
    Very good product, It does everything that was promised for small areas, nice colors and a good price.
  • Good bulb

    posted by janhusak

    Strong light, looks like 40W normal bulb. Those 5W are real. Doesn't blink, has good temperature of white.
    Great light color, warm white without the traces of violet color, which is common amongst cheaper bulbs. When compared to some cheaper 4W bulbs from dx.com this is far more superior.
    A bit expensive, but I think it's worth the money. We'll see how long it will last. Still much cheaper than common LED bulbs available in stone shops. I will probably buy again.
  • A little expensive but good

    posted by glesik

    Nice warm color temperature, the best I found so far. No high frequency flicker. No glowing when switched off.
    The light color temperature is probably the closest to incandescent light bulbs of all the LEDs I tried so far. My estimation is that the amount of light it gives is equivalent to 40W incandescent bulb.
    A little pricey comparing to some other bulbs here, but may be worth it, considering nice light color temperature and non-flickering light.

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