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light control sensor

On this page, you can find a wide selection of light control sensor. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. light sensor plug or sensor light water contains many hot and popular products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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light control sensor Customers Reviews

  • Great way to tell if your freinds wash up

    posted by Zoinac

    Glows the temperature, came with the adapter rings to fit any tap. Works well, nice metal looking housing.
    It also seems to blink red when its really hot, so that's cool.
    This is the best way to tell if someone washed their hands after they poop- why? cause if they did they're gonna point out your "glowing sink" trust me- you'll see your disgusting friends in a "new light"
  • Great little helper

    posted by Rabgiliszta

    Very easy to install, comes with 2 adapters so you can mount it to 3 different sizes. Also no leaks anywhere.Reacts to water temperature very quickly, and easy to understand the colors even for small children, so they can easily avoid getting burnt.
    The little turbine provides a humming noise that could be a problem in quiet environments.The threads in the unit and the adapter are plastic, so if you twist the unit too strong when mounting, you can easily break the thread.We have very hard water, so time will tell, how the unit will operate with some limescale added.
    Good value for the price, an absolute must for families with children or elderly people, to avoid accidents from hot water burns.
  • Great sensor light

    posted by modreamarin

    Great device for people who need light in hallways or small rooms only for the time in which they stay (and move/pass) in there.Provided you use good batteres, the lights are strong, without "hurting" your eyes - if you do not look straight in them, that is!
    5 stars for the multiple-choice catching system: magnets, holes for nails AND a hook for the eventuality you already have a "free" nail in your wall to use.
    Useful and heartily recommended, provided you use good batteries.
  • It is a good product.

    posted by emreozer

    I bought this product and I'm happy :) I plugged and tested. I want to explain how it is plugged.
    The product has 2 pair of cable which are red and white. I used white cables as input and red cables for output. I connect white cables to AC one by one and red cables to output light.
    My english is not enough, maybe I can't explain clearly but installation is very easy :)
    If you need, you can buy without worry. It works perfect.
  • kids love it

    posted by TheDunkel

    Easy to use.Cool colors especially in the dark.Makes it more fun for kids to wash their hands.
    quality and price goes well together. It would be even cooler, if it could play a small tune :-) Or if it came with a soap dispenser.
    A great cheap gadget that is easy and fun to use.And all of the sudden the kids always wash there hands without me having to tell them.Goes well with the LED shower head.

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