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The perfect light bulb 7w here to meet all your needs. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. candle light bulbs and spot light bulbs are the hottest keywords that customer use. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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light bulb 7w Customers Reviews

  • Sharp white light

    posted by burfam

    Runs well on 120 vac in the usa.Nice white light shines outward in about a 180 degree field. The amount of light that this makes is just about right for a indoor fixture.
    I have it in a ceiling fan with three other lights. This one seems to stand up to the florecents that are in there now. These would work great in a ceiling fixture that is recessed and still cover a larger area with light as opposed to a spot type light shinning on a small area.
    These would make a great hallway light.This differs from typical lights in that the main body of the light is not light up, only the end plastic cap. If put in a fixture with a glass shade such as ceiling fan, the main part of the shade will remain dark.
  • gogo

    posted by batkogogo

    Light 7 watts = 11 watts fluorescent lamp economical.Body alminiy good workmanship 100%.Allows better focus wide-angle rotation.Looks good stylish lamp.
    Manufacturer may need to reflect on what tempperaturata reduce, increase cooling.
    I bought three pieces, there is a discount that is good.Good purchase, just worried temperature, I do not know whether it is normal.If you work long'll buy a few more pieces.
  • Great LED bulb

    posted by Lollerkopter

    It's very bright, very big but a little bit expensive. The big aluminium heat sink is work perfectly and help dissipate lots of heat. This bulb is a flood light and helps to make a daylight in the room. Color temperature is nice for me (I hate cold light in a living room).
    It's looks like a glowing mini sun, big, bright and very effective. The light performance is close to 75W traditional bulb.
    Little bit expensive, but good choice for a rooms light.
  • My standard lighting replacement

    posted by luvasu

    Using only 7W this light bulb equals near to a 40W standard bulb and also replaces a low consumption tubes bulbs of 11W. That means the standard lighting for a bedroom with a single bed.
    Two of those bulbs enlighten my computer and workshop desk and three of them in my dining room over the table, provide enough light for any meal and, with only one bulb on is the perfect light to watch TV. Bougt up to SIX of this bulbs... more to order soon.
    I planned a change of low consumption bulbs (those with a light tube inside) in all of the house due to the contens of mercury in those tubes. DX LED products are a big help to this purpose. They are great to "slim" the electricity bill.
  • Very bright

    posted by fb2010

    This device provides a lot of light (like a 100 W incandescent bulb). Really, I have replaced a 150 w halogen. It looks and feels nice, with a good heat spreader. It fits in a R7S (short linear halogen bulb) with any problem. The light is white, very clear also overall spectrum is quite acceptable.
    nothing special
    Good price, no expensive, good device and very bright ligth. I'm happy with this purchase.


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